Chrsitmas master Chef Cooking for Teams celebration interactive parties

Master Team Chef Cooking Team Activities and MKR Style Events

Thrill loves food and Master Team Chef Cooking events for Thrilling team building activities, inviting guest celebrities to lead and inspire your group.

Even better let’s Cook For Causes. Cooking meals for Homeless with high quality, protein laden nutritious fresh foods.

Thrill are mobile to your event or conference space or we organise to hire one of our partner restaurant or kitchens.


Cooking Team Activities with Celebrities and Teamwork Food for Thought and Helping Homeless in a MKR Style Event.

Even better when your business can give back and help the local community. The foods you cook can be donated to feed homeless and make a difference.

Ex Master Chef Contestants and Celebrities like Karlie Verkerk may have your business team cooking wonderful foods for causes.

Cooking all styles of healthy foods and cuisines from meat lovers to vegetarians.

Mystery Boxes are our favourite master chef style followed by Innovation Tests for the more culinary skilled teams. Like Greenfood butchers from Woolworths.

THRILL events will have your select corporate groups Cooking deliciious foods, wonderful recipes to success to compete and win. Then Karlie Verkerk Master Chef Cooking Celebrity available through THRILL events share or enjoy eating the results.

Celebrate cooking every day, a special project, The End Of Financial Year or Christmas party time.

By getting your team in the kitchen or behind a Thrill Grill.

We are ready to answer all your cooking for causes team event questions.

From how to, or the best way for cooking a steak, through to preparing succulent smoked fish.

Cooking Events with MKR Celebrities at the Helm Delivering Excellent Menus with Delectable Dishes and Firey Flambesenquiry button thrill team events


Thrill are masters at hosting friendly cooking competitions and challenges then sharing a sumptious meal. Washed down with a celebratory matched drinks packages.

Thrill cooking events can cover all cultures, cuisines, tastes, recipes and dietary requirements. Catered everywhere at all event centres, cooking both indoors and outdoors.

Set your staff up for a delicious mouth watering, thrilling wow factor fun team building BBQ event!

When thinking of team building activities Master Chef cooking should be one of your top choices. Especially in winter. Nothing unites people, clients and customers better together than sharing food and opening up a plate of conversation.

Have the Thrill team develop your next cooking event in Sydney, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Gold Coast or Hunter Valley. At all conference venues, Hotels – even your offices.

Our style of food is bringing in the most huge and magnificent Paellas, Indian Curries and Italian Pizzas in real wood fired ovens.

Tantalising Thai or French Firey Flambe’s to turn up the heat add alcoholic flare for pezazz and excitement.

Include a Master Chef Celebrity to Instruct and Guide Teams with Shared Food Events from 1-5 Course Recipe for Success

With over 100 Master Chef team cooking experiences under our belt. There is a terrific range of Master Team Chef recipes to select from.

  • Mystery Boxes
  • Innovation Tests
  • Select Your Protein
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 courses for breakfast, lunch, dinners
  • Delicious Desserts
  • Firey Flambes
  • Thrill will cater for your indoor team onsite meeting or off-site activities at conferences.
  • From delicate entrees to amazing main courses or competitions where a delectable desserts is the order of the day.
  • Bond your staff with food for team development as leadership exercises whilst cook up a feast to feed the office and production teams.

Charity Cooking For Good Causes

Cooking Together,  then donate the meals to local charities and homeless in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Wollongong and Newcastle.

Call THRILL grill catering for Master Chefs Team Building Fun. Or Be a Gordon Ramsay Flaming Serious about Good Cooking. Also special recipes and menus created for Team Building Cooking Ready Steady Competition Events. Let’s find out who your most popular Master Chef or MKR talent in the office staff is.

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