flash mob events sydney wedding and corporate entertainment

Marriage, Wedding, Engagements and Proposal Flash Mobs

Thrill creates exciting Wedding, Engagement and Marriage Proposal Flash Mobs for expressing your love dedication, sharing with the world on the street and venues.

People love the spectacular power, effect and engagement of  a group of people performing an awesome flash mob! Unique and engaging dances performed for all occasions.

In any location from your home, to a popular performance and city space.

flash mob events sydney weddings and proposals 

Thrill dance engagement proposals cover the streets of Sydney Rocks. Flash Mobs in Brisbane Riversides. At Gold Coast bars and beaches to Melbourne’s Federations Square and in Graffiti laneways.

Conducting over 50 Love Surprise Proposal Flash Mobs Street Intercepts, for public and private performances



sydney proposal, engagements and wedding flash mob

Tailored flash mob messages and include you wherever and whenever you require.

Creative  dance choreography with your selection of music tracks, vision, effects and dance styles. Bringing happiness and the engagement of your family, friends and the community.

Expect exciting fun wedding flash mob proposal dance activation, evening entertainment or as a unique surprise event to impress your beau.

For 5 to 200 dancer performers dancing simultaneously.

Celebrate and dance with Thrill’s 20+ years of providing Flash Mob engagement experiences.

Flash Mobs for Engagements and Weddings in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Brisbane Dance Performances

Team building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

Thrill Flash Mob dancers and performers harnesses peoples energy and talents into a quality flash mob proposal dance on the streets for the public or keep it lower-key as a private performance in a more personal space.

Thrill Dancers, Choreographers, Performers, Instrumentalists will interact with your friends and family.

Injecting enthusiasm blended with brilliant dance choreography to create a wonderful impact.

That can be a fun unique Dance activity that gives sound, atmosphere.

A heart beat rhythm and gets everyone moving, grooving, smiling and you engaged

Sydney wedding proposal flash mob with an amazing Mannequin mid flash mob freeze Challenge

Exciting Flash Mob Unique Performance, Engagement Surprise for Weddings


It’s all about the element of a creating a great surprise! Grab the attention of your friends, the public. Unite them, as they experience and witness a professional flash mob Spectacular performance.

Thrill dancers perform unique Flash Mob Events bringing the wow factor of tremendous choreography to your engagement proposal or wedding.

Lets get dancing to your favourite song. Whilst we create easy to learn fun moves to participate in, if you choose.

Explosive, impressive dance moves and tricks can be taught to your friends to surprise at engagements, birthday parties, bridesmaids, hens, bucks, families or anyone who is brave enough to join in and bust their moves.

We have inspired many engagement proposals, as well as surprise waiter flash mobs, for loving wedding couples.

Create incredible interactive Flash Mobs for community events, and promoted under funded charities.

Thrill will help bring out and perform your best dance moves and grooves!

Flash Mob Love Proposal Power of People, Music, Movement, Choreography and Creativity to Impress!

How much does a Flash Mob cost?

Flash Mobs Costs start from $2,000 for a 4 Dancers with unique choreography. Special dance performances with 100 dancers can be in excess of $10,000.

THRILL are skilled at bringing happiness and smiles Flash Mobs to energise engagements, weddings and marriage events. Even getting the bride, groom, brides-maids and families to surprise bust their moves or join in.

Superb for entertainment, performances that impress both public, family and private audiences.

Call and find out how Thrill can +vely impact the people you love  m 0459 1111 29.