Creative Staff Art Connection

Explore more with Thrill’s suite of Creative Staff Connection Art Activities providing your staff and employees a safe environment to explore and express their artistic vision and creativity.

Guided through unique art techniques, or using an existing Thrill painting design. Thrill art facilitators will create your unique artistic events, painting team building. Staff training, inspiring creativity, connection and better flow of communication for your people.

Illustrate outdoor murals, masterpiece canvas designs, graffiti and sculptures.

Perfect for groups education, team building events and creative collaborations, creating the bigger picture.

Terrific range of VISUAL ART SKILLS where we facilitate, teach and showcase your teams visual art works, in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Canberra and Brisbane. Thrill team building artists are commissioned to work on creative events and painting art group fun activities from Sydney, Hunter Valley to the Gold Coast and Brisbane

How does Facilitated Art Therapy  Create Art Masterpieces with Expressive Visual Events to Unleash Your Inner Artists

  • Painting
  • Illustration
  • Mural Art Works
  • Graffiti Art with Spray Paints
  • Adobe Creative Suites
  • Supply and utilise Photographic equipment – from SLR cameras to Smart Phones
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Drawing skills
  • Traditional media – watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastels, pencils, pen, ink
  • Ceramics – sculpting, pottery, clay and stone
  • Glass – lamp work, torch and flame work
  • Collage and sculpture / sculpting
  • Colour mixing knowledge and theory of art
  • art studio practice
  •  social media
  • Collaboration and engagement on creative work with other artists
  • Illustrators and Illustration Teacher
  • Digital Teachers
  • Professional arts practice  hunter-valley-team-painting-thrill art creative master pieces

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    • Illustrating Children’s books
    • Make Art That Sells Bootcamp
    • Designing Your Way – Make It or Fake It In Design
    • Photoshop For Designers – Textile Design Lab
    • Art Therapy in Schools – Professional Development with Resilience
    • Creating Connections for Divergent Thinking in the Classroom
    • Museum of Modern Art, GOMA, MONA, MCA
    • Visual Thinking Strategies
    • Art workshop in Steiner Education
    • Extra Lesson program a visual art and movement based therapy at The Extra Lesson Institute
    • ART workshop in professional development for Art Teachers
    • School of Initiatic Art Therapy

    Brief for Creative Illustrator Graffiti Mural Art on a Thrill Team Building Creative Event Embodying Art Works For Corporate and Business Groups Creating a large corporate group painting Master Piece Creative artwork for Bayer AGM Hunter Valley conference with Thrill Art painting artist Facilitators. Thrill's Konrad Lippmann displaying the 18 canvas mural at Cypress Lakes Hunter Valley

    Thrill engages with you to develop the scope of artworks, its design and processes. Following is a conceptual design process / discussion- input with Thrill corporate client engagement for 100+ staff.

    DESIGN 1:

    The woman is falling out of an embryo and the round things behind the Waratah are the cells splitting which is how all life starts. Red blood cells floating behind it. Wren represents a new period of incoming energy, increased activity and heightened alertness in mental, physical, and emotional areas.

    There is clarity with a creative vibrancy along with activated confidence in the ability to adapt to any situations. Wren supports you with his ability to see into the dark recesses and extract what is needed. You may realize you have several things going on at once. He will guide in what is necessary through dreams and meditations.

    Wren expresses an effervescence and renewed vitality of relationships within the environment; work, home, family, groups. He shows that emotional journey includes joy and happiness. It is time to lighten your heart with the creative arts and spending time in nature to rejuvenate.

    Wren’s medicine also includes determination, strength and fortitude and resourcefulness with the art of multitasking. He shows balancing and timing of when to be aggressive and when to be subdued. Listen to your body for indicators.

    Although he may not always be seen, his song speaks to the heart in order for you to sing your own wonderful song. Although the genus list for wren is vast, pay attention to the surroundings, habits, and plumage for more insight. Wrens may be small but can teach big lessons. His medicine will guide you and provide strength to move forward.

    Please speak with the Thrill artist team to create an interactive Master Piece Bigger Picture.

    Capturing the essence of your message to actively engage, connect staff and create excellent paintings, canvases and murals.



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