Painting the Bigger Picture Team Building Activities and Art Creative Events

Painting Team Building Activities and Art Works events for all groups by Thrill professional art facilitators. Wonderful for painting the bigger picture, exploring creativity and building staff connection. 

Thrill at Art Works Team Building facilitators.

Provide exciting vibrant art and staff teamwork painting styles for all abilities. Available at all conference and meeting venues throughout Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Staff connection Graffiti art painting in Sydney and Gold Coast for events and team building activities that are creative. Here 100 staff in the Hilton are facilitated by Thrill art facilitators taking teams of employees on a conference journeyTeam building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

Or select Thrill art studios or in your space for groups of 10-100’s of staff.

Inspiration art events for staff connection, increasing shared creativity, becoming more expressive in visual mediums ideal for all meetings, conference events and venues. Artist, Paint + Sip Team building facilitators, Wellbeing curators and creators

Select your art styles

  • Murals, Portraits, Landscapes
  • Conceptualisation
  • Follow the artist pre design – similar to Paint n Sip / Paint n Pinot etc.
  • Marine Life, Dolphins, Whales, Wildlife,
  • Butterflies, Frogs, Dragon Flys and Damsels
  • People, Places, Purposes
  • Imagination
  • Connection
  • Creative free expression

Thrill-art-creativity-events-lions-roar for staff and creative events that empower people

Facilitated art activities are terrific for staff and large groups business team bonding.

Creating expressive paintings, artworks and masterpiece murals. Paint, display, charity or auction off the artworks. Brighten up staff office spaces.

Thrill painting team building art events are Unique, expressive, explorative beyond a “reproduction of a pre-selected image”

Your staff can select team building paint activities as a standard image similar to Paint n Sip, Paint n Pinot – where you follow the art facilitators pre-painted step by step painting;

Lion, Lady Bug, Birds, Sunflower, Sunrise, Moonscapes, Beach, landscapes, Nature, Animals  – elect any style of image imaginable! Please send us a clip art and we will have our art facilitators take you through the painting canvas steps.

Each staff member can paint their own image from a master creation – step by step with professional art facilitator instruction and guidance.


To explore and find your inner artist!

teamwork art painting and exploring a visual concept for masculine men and logistics trade industry


Teams and staff painting to express and visualise their bigger picture. When canvases are linked together is a splendid staff connection – staff unity project.

Thrill team provides creative art facilitators and art therapists taking your team on a journey of being visually expressive. With Vivid vibrant colours and painting techniques to communicate your business, include visions, values or just for fun.

Creative Painting activities are designed to bring people together to create cooperatively. Selecting to paint as a group on individual canvases, large murals, graffiti artworks on or off the walls.

Team building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

Create and picture an image of  what you want the future to be. Employees have much more fun together sharing their visions painting as a large group. Linking their individual master pieces into a united Mural or Montage.

Paint in pairs, in Pubs or individually within Thrill art studios, Galleries, and creative spaces. Select team art works in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hunter Valley and Melbourne.

Thrill team art staff are mobile to come to your next onsite, conference, at your offices, conference venues and warehouses. We are reknown for being Wild at art, Art Attack and Art Escape works group events – which we set up indoors or outdoors throughout all conference venues in Australia. 

Conceptualisation, Ideation, Curiosity, Passion and Bravery Responsiveness are hallmarks of Creative Teamwork Success Wild at Art Painting Party for Corporate Teams to Express themselves with wild at painting Art Therapy and Raise Funds for worthwhile charities and paint the environment, trees or how we feel with artistic therapy

Recently Johnson & Johnson, Steiner Schools, SportsBet, Charternet, ELANCO and APRA corporate teams created exceptional team building masterpieces painting their own way with Thrill art. Brightening up Sydney, Gold Coast and Australian corporate Offices for CBA, NAB, APRA and Allianz all the way to Zurich.

Art Painting Team building Fun, Interactive, Creating Bigger Picture Artworks for Business and Corporate Groups in Sydney to Brisbane and The Gold Coast

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Experience tangible results as your team express their views through imagery.

Jump into funky paint suits or painting smocks and start translating ideas into visual representations.

Guided Thrill art facilitator masterpiece of artworks that can be wildly fun at heart and art.

Thrill selects stimulating and inspiring music selection to accompany the artworks, helping guide your staff attune their artistic senses.

With guidance, layering, colour pallets and style from our facilitators who are creative team building professionals.

Helping your team express their vision and create the imagery to inspire as well as produce great painting results.

Thrill staff art escapes have groups throwing, pouring, hand painting, smearing, splashing, flicking paints. Of course we seal up and waterproof the space.

Facilitating unique teamwork experiences that enhance teams communication skills and team development.

Exploring colour, bright paints exploding onto your canvases.

A wide range of wild applications with immediate impressive results.

Painting pallet preparation for Thrill events facilitated team building art activities in Sydney, Hunter Valley and Gold Coast Staff Art Parties and Big Picture Master PiecesTeam building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

CanTeen Insight Testimonial Reference Art Rageous ArtWorks and Artistic Work Therapy with the Thrill Events Team

“My name is Ann-Maree. I am one of the Social Workers at CanTeen- The Australian Organisation for Young People Living with Cancer. Last year in August.  THRILL events worked with my colleague for our New Members Camp and ran ART-Rageous! This was so successful! Our Members loved it and got a lot out of it. The 3 big art pieces they created are hanging up in our National Office of CanTeen”!!

“A big thank you to you and all the team at Thrill Team Events for the fabulous Art-Rageous program at our CanTeen New Members program on the weekend!

Our young people loved participating in the program and obviously got so much out of talking about their cancer journey and expressing it though their beautiful artworks”.

“We are excited to be able to display the artworks in our office, and we have already had lots of compliments and excitement about the art from our National Staff and other members”.

“Thank you for your generosity in delivering your program at such a substantial discount for our charity – we really appreciate it and wouldn’t be able to offer such amazing camps without your support”.

Ann-Maree CanTeen.

HR Managers take note! Thrill Team Creative Art Rageous and Wild at Art Painting team building programs are ideal to motivate teams, create work place satisfaction and carry away a memorable impressive accomplishment.

Brighten – En-Liven – Connect and Excite your team + Office staff work spacesArt at Voco Kirkton Park Hunter Valley for team building staff connection and expressive visualisation of multiple painted canvases - exploring creativity whilst painting and sippingTeam building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

Collaborative Team Art Multi Canvas Montages Painting Mural Masterpiece for Groups of 10 to 100’s where Staff Collaborate Creating The Bigger Picture

Let loose with bright water based acrylic paints, canvases and a host of alternative paint applicators such as

  • syringes to spray paints
  • sponges to throw paint at Canvases and creating masterpiece murals
  • twine to train and decorate paintings
  • hands to splash paint and smudge, smear, feeling your way into the craft of painting without brushes
  • finger tip creations that are 100% fun and hands on expression of vivid imaginations

Art works can be linked together to provide a holistic picture, montage, sequence or story. Canvases typically are 1m x 1m and can be mounted in team’s offices as a memento of their team building results.

Connect Staff with Greater Engagement on Thrill’s Great Big Mural Art Team Building Creative Art Exercises. Facilitated by real Artists Projecting and Expressing Ideas Visually Creatively  Master Piece Creative artwork art therapy team building activities for 100 staff with Bayer agm conference Thrill Art Faciliators connecting multiple canvases into a large scale painting mural

Smaller canvases can be combined to tell a larger story. Not only will your team walk away with a new sense of team bonding and understanding but also a vibrant painted masterpiece to display.

Mount the canvases in your business or corporate office lobby as a memento. Thrill can hang your created canvases within individual work spaces. Use the paintings as a creative auction fund raiser item for your groups CSR values.

Make your team art masterpiece the EOY Function or best Christmas present of the season!

REVIEW; Muscular Dystrophy NSW Thrill Art Therapy Painting Programs for all abilities – Reviews and References

There was a need for artworks to brighten and illuminate the offices of MDNSW.

Linking the concept of their services with their clients and people.

Painting superb scenes featuring artwork using wheelchairs to create spectacular circular wheel trails and imaginative visual creations.

These were later auctioned to raise funds for MD charity.

Loretta Downie, Events Coordinator for MD NSW reported that
“MD NSW enjoyed the final creation, getting messy and using the different mediums. The squirting of paints by the teams were definitely a highlight!”. Thrill Creative events wild at art work corporate groups painting team building experience overlooking the Sydney Harbour BridgeTeam building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

Tactile and fun personal learning experience. Painting intuitively, Create powerfully, Communicate Openly. No lectures. No Powerpoint presentations. Participants demonstrate parallels between the art experience and their work environment on issues such as;

  • overcoming challenges people face in creating innovation
  • encouraging people to think differently about issues
  • allowing teams to experiment and learn from experience
  • confronting unfamiliar circumstances with courage
  • improving communication through application of various mediums
  • recognising individuality
  • enjoying creative spontaneity
  • creating a meaningful and enjoyable connected work environment
  • aboriginal artworks for creating story telling and messages or brands

Connect with Thrill creative team art activities and events on m 0459 1111 29 to discuss your next collaborative wild at art or painting a vision together!

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