Survivor Revival for Corporate Teams in 2023

Survivor groups activities and events is in revival. With the Australian version and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Let’s show our strengths as well as bringing it to the Americans with higher quality Immunity Challenges. As well well as Filming and editing in exciting wild locations. It’s been our team building tiger cub from the day the series was launched in Australia with Jeff Probst at the helm of the CBS series over 15 years ago. We got to witness the CBS production team because we love this style of reality TV show.

How does your business team start playing Indoor or Outdoor Survivor Games? survivor games team building immunity challenges and raft building for corporate groups Sydney to Gold Coast

Thrill sets up a Themed Tribal Zone with a Tribal Council briefing with Flags and Bandanas – essentials all supplied. We are into Survivor props, replical immunity challenges from past episodes. Themed with various cultural aspects and bringing on the fun competitions!

Tree mail – yes we provide real mail in real trees to navigate and bring to tribe. Tree mail outlines the sequence of your survivor event activities and provides rhyming clues, riddles and hidden immunity idols for advantages.

Search n retrieve – smoke has blinded your tribe. Except for the leader who retains vision to direct your team to search and retrieve foods of all sorts. A bit of ‘celebrity get me out of here‘ training can be thrown in the mix.

Rettel letter puzzle; Is letter spelt back wards – collect all 11-16 letters and unscramble. Kneel and complete tribal chant to prove your worth.

Planks crossing; aboard planks to retrieve water – after all it is about survival….

Fire real sling shots at real targets
– Great fun whilst being focused on achieving your tribes targets or smashing the oppositions.
– Jury Bone warded for striking target 1st
– on the full catches is an awesome bonus.

Awesome Fun Survivor Games, Activities and Immunity Challenges to Test Your Teams Wits From Sydney to Byron Bay and the Gold Coast

Depending on the duration of your team building or group activities event location – Note we cover Australian Survivor activities Australia wide

  • Tribal Council Finale – elected jury makes the final decisions
  • Real crafted – engraved Immunity Challenge Idol Presented

Enjoy a Google YouTube preview –

Yes, Thrill has been conducting Survivor for corporate groups, buisnesses and schools for over 17 years! It’s been a phenomenal shared journey. Sensationally remembering all the tribes that have passed through before you. We remember many a grand tribal chant and frustrations overcome by various ‘larger than life’ characters that all succeeded in accomplishing the activities.

Thrill has previously booked Sydney Harbour Islands, Clarke Island, Shark Island and Cockatoo Island using historic Ferries to get staff, equipment and supplies for over 400+ employees castaway.

Survivor is available as a Bush Sports program in remote bushland areas in The Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains. To private property farms and ranches. Even in wineries throughout The Southern Highlands, Hunter Valley, Mudgee, Orange, South Coast and Yarra Valley. We travel all along the beaches of the east Coast Australia from Lorne to St Kilda to Bells Beach to Batemans Bay.

Within Sydney Thrill sets up Survivor style activities and events in Maroubra, Coogee, Bondi, Manly. Centennial Park, Bicentennial Park and Sydney Olympic Park.

Our team thrives in coastal locations of Umina, Avoca, Terrigal Beach, Avalon and the Northern Beaches to Palm Beach. Right up along to Coffs Harbour, as well as Byron Bay, The Gold Coast beaches and hinterland toward Springbrook and Mt Tamborine. We facilitate challenges within The Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise. Around Kingscliff Hotels or conference venues. Survival scenarios from Sunshine Coast to Palm Cove and as far north as Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas with crocodile infested backwaters of Cairns.

No matter where in Australia or New Zealand. We aim to Thrill, your teams. Now…. its your tribes turn to survive!!! Speak with Konrad Lippmann Events director to commence your staff’s leadership journey. m 0459 1111 29