Fragrance, Perfume, Scent Making, Aroma Therapy Team Building Activities Event Workshops

Thrill creative custom perfume, essence fragrance, aroma-therapy, scent making workshop events are all about learning experientially making you feel and smell exquisitely wonderful.

Experiential learning staff workshops educates and guides staff to make their own fragrances from pure essences and perfumes.

Workshops and learning roadshows at all Sydney, Hunter Valley, Gold Coast to Byron Bay and Brisbane offices, studios, event and conference venues.


An ideal scent making, staff learning workshop or team building activity for

  • calming staff senses
  • mental stability and agility 
  • alertness of mind and the senses
  • mindfulness of what we value most in our lives
  • productivity in the work place
  • connection with space and other people

The sense of smell with colleagues is addressed and impressed! Wonderful balance of lingering perfumes and scents. With just the right amount of fragrances or oils to create the desired ambience and naturally alluring effects. 

In Thrill’s perfume, fragrance or aroma therapy, scent making session. You and your staff will have the opportunity to blend perfumes, botanicals and or oils. With quality odourants from bases such as musk, neroli or jasmine.

Staff and employees create their own scents and fragrances. With the ability to further explore their own signature mix of fragrance scent combinations to develop a unique quality perfume.

Discovering scents to make life smell and be exquisitely wonderful.

Creating the balance and mix of perfume that your senses will love!

Utilise natural, ethically sourced aromatherapy and scents that stimulates your nervous system, tantilises your senses – unlocking your mind, body and spirit.fragrance making team building activity sydney

Design a signature scent, perfume or fragrance that matches your business.

Sydney, Hunter Valley to Gold Coast Fragrance, Scent, Perfume team building mindfulness staff training activities 

Scents, perfumes and fragrances can take us on an imaginative journey. Linking to making us feel comfortable and associated with calm, happiness or sexiness.

Odour embraces us in our daily world. It’s terrific to be mindful of those scents that improve our state of mind.

Aiding us in

  • confidence building
  • communication
  • strategic thinking
  • energised staff
  • clarity of thoughts
  • memory recognition catalyst and recall

Recognise Scents and Perfumes from around the World then Create Your Own Signature Branding Aroma

“Scents and aromas have a powerful impact on our moods and emotions. It is valuable to utilise scents in offices and workplaces to help promote focus, vibe, creativity and energy.”
Konrad Lippmann BA Sc
– Grad Dip; Human Movement. 

Thrill creative in Sydney, Hunter Valley to Gold Coast have Fragrance professionals. Bringing you a mobile alchemist workshop session to your staff training that is comfortably accomplished in 1-2hrs. Led by an experienced perfumist / alchemist your staff will learn more about the power of our sense of smell + relationships.

Our emotional and subconscious connections with wellness, emotions, spaces, places, feelings and memory.

Perfume layering is mixed with various volatile oils and fragrances with varying evaporation / scent linger rates.

Your team creates unique perfume, capturing the soul and essence of your unique being. Creating your own special take home sample.

Let’s review how the fragrance industry Ralph Lauren, Chanel 5, Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein, Hermes Paris or Hugo BOSS makes you feel. With an emotional trigger blindfold smell tests.

Your personalised business fragrances team building activity will have you feeling and smelling fantastic by the end of the workshop, staff training workshop or conference event session.

Teams and participants receive access to wonderful fragrance scent bases with classic natural bases such as jasmine and ylang-ylang, frangipani, rosewood and vanilla. Or Peppermint, Sage and Lemon – citrus zests, grapefruit for higher energy levels.

Comforting Cedarwoods, Cinnamon, Orange and Juniper. Or flower based lavenders, with aromatic rose varities and sandalwood to pine fresh trees.

Thrill also have distinctive Australian fragrances from native botanicals lemon myrtle, leptospermum tea tree species. Intensly aromatic, acacia sunshine wattles and eucalyptus gums.

Natural Products with the anti-bacterial effectiveness of Australian made Botanicals and Natural Products, makes beautiful scents.

Perfume Fragrance Aroma Making EVENTS created in all locations

  • 1-2.5hr Session with skilled presenter, Perfumist team event facilitator.
  • 10ml Personally Created Perfume Bottle Formula
  • 30ml Eau De Cologne spray bottles
  • 30ml Botanical Custom Perfume Workshop sessions
Thrill Perfume events costs start from $135-$195 per person + site/set up/venue + gst. Minimum cost / participant numbers apply.

Mobile perfume and fragrance or aromatherapy making team building services is freshly available to all corporate, business, conference and event venues along the East Coast of Australia.

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