Thrill creative is all about looking as well as smelling sensational, with the ability to make your own fragrances from pure essences and perfumes in Sydney ideal team building activity workshop. Where the sense of smell and colleagues in close proximity needs to be addressed or impressed!

In this fun perfume and fragrance making session, you will have the opportunity to blend perfume and odourants, such as musk, neroli or jasmine. Your staff and employees Teams create their own fragrance and get to play with combinations of odours, discovering the scents that make life smell wonderful. The ultimate team development destination, is creating a perfume that your team loves! fragrance making team building activity sydney It could become the signature odour / perfume and fragrance scent of your business!

The Sydney perfumery team building training session starts with recognising Fragrances Scents and Perfumes the World has become Familiar with

Ones that take us on a journey, making us feel comfortable and associated with happiness or sexiness. Odour really embraces us in our daily world and its terrific to be mindful of those scents that improve our state of mind.

Thrill creative in Sydney and Gold Coast has teamed up with Fragrance professionals to bring you this team development course that can be accomplished in 2-3hrs. Led by an experienced perfumist chemist you will learn more about your sense of smell, the connections with emotions, feelings and memory. More detailed perfume layering is concocted with various highly volatile oils and fragrances that vary in evaporation rates.

Who knows you may create the most unique perfume that captures the soul and essence of your being and be able to take home your sample.You may not be a Ralph Lauren, Chanel 5, Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein, Hermes Paris or Hugo BOSS. However your business team building activity will have you feeling and smelling fantastic by the end of the training session.