Kids receive Thrill toys from corporate event group team building activities in Sydney

Toys for Kids Gifting Team Building Activities to Children’s Charities

Team Building Toys for Children is all about showing your business cares about Corporate Socially Responsible CSR that makes a difference to kids.

Investing team building training by corporate groups, businesses and your organisation into Charity events, by building stronger teams together we build stronger communities.

Kids Toy Factory Team Building activities donations and gifting to demonstrate by action where the CSR heart is

Engage Thrill to design, coordinate and facilitate your conference where the Team Building is about building Toys and creating smiles.

Bikes, Trikes, Billy Karts, Kids kitchens or Playgrounds. Assembling quality kids Educational Play items that are; Team building activities get a quote from Thrill Events, activities and experiences

  • The best #1 and Functional for Kids to Interact safely with
  • Educationally based toys that are experientially designed to learn through play
  • Long lasting, durable, accessible and safe to ASA standards
  • Rewarding projects for all participants 100% engagement of staff and teams
  • Role Modelling – LET’S BUILD BETTER TEAMS by Building Better Kids Play Equipment
  • Demonstrating that your business has a heart and CARES for Kids
  • The Coolest Cubby Houses and Playgrounds
  • Encouraging Future Master Chefs in Kids Kitchens
  • Building the Best Bikes (not cheap bikes)
  • Assembling incredible Billy Karts
  • Building Trikes for kids with Physical Disabilities that show us their unique Abilities

There simply is no better way than put your team spirit and heart into teams building together for worthy causes.

If you cannot see a program on the website that you would like to accomplish. Our staff will custom design and deliver your program or any CSR event that helps others.

Every kid deserves loving, nurturing, education and the demonstration of care by the community. This is the opportunity for corporate businesses to demonstrate care through appropriate activities that are a real Win-Win. With your teams valuable input and generosity. Lets demonstrate locally a positive impact. Which as we have witnessed empowers meaninigful life changing experiences to many children’s lives.

Please create a +ve impact through your staff development and employee training programs.enquiry button thrill team events

Creating a CSR Team Building Toy Story Surprise will Help Improve the Lives of Disadvantaged Children within Australian Charities

Thrill links your Team Building Activities to suitable selected children’s charity organisations.  Conducting Toys-4-Kids programs at your offices, within Childcare Centers or where-ever your work crew may be located.

Build a set of Bikes for kids in lower socio-economic areas such as Campbelltown, Mt Druitt and Logan. We design team development programs that will have your staff Landscaping, Building Swing Sets, Assembling, Building and Painting Cubby Houses or repairing playgrounds.

All under the supervision of Professional Trades people and Thrill facilitators.

Focused on creating smiles with worthwhile charity team building activity projects and events in Sydney and throughout Australia. From small businesses, leadership teams and large corporate events you can get engaged.

Lets collaboratively design and foster create more magical moments for kids.

Where your effort and staff training investment will make a significant difference to the lives of children.