the office work christmas party mistakes to avoid


Thrill team events covers the do’s and dont’s of the work Christmas Party which is just as applicable to kicking off the New Year resolution with thrilling team building activities in Sydney to Terrigal.

Office Work Christmas Party Mistakes to Avoid

The festive season is here and with it brings that potentially tricky event; the work Christmas party. Do you maintain your professional appearance? Or do you let loose on the one day the boss is looking the other way? To help you out, here are a few handy tips for letting your hair down in a way that won’t come back to bite you once the festivities are over.

Keep your right hand free ready to greet work colleagues with a genuine smile

It’s mildly awkward and very uncomfortable to watch, but happens without fail. You pick up a delicious looking canapé while also holding a drink, people walk over, introductions begin, handshakes occur. There’s only a few ways out of this and none of them are overly pretty:


  1. Awkwardly swap the canapé to the hand you’re holding your drink in and do a bit of a dance to get the balancing act down, and then introduce yourself.


  1. Don’t. Shake. Hands. Stand there awkwardly as everyone around you introduces themselves and then be like ‘haha… nice to meet you’ and look like a… well, you know what you look like.


  1. Stuff the canapé in your mouth, awkwardly mutter the words ’sorry, I’m J-hn-S-ith’ around your mouth full of puff pastry, and proceed to hand over your fist full of crumbs during the exchange.

the office work christmas party mistakes to avoid

Occasionally you’ll get lucky and there’ll be a surface around where you can quickly discard one of the items, but it’s much better to keep an eye on what’s going on around you and time your canapé consumption to occur between introductions or drinks. Keeping your right hand free for introductions is something that will keep you in good stead, especially if the person you’re being introduced to is someone important.

Note: Making the most of the open bar and holding a drink in each hand is even more poorly received.

Know the dress code and make sure your +1 does too

A classic movie trap that occurs in reality much, much, too frequently. Make sure you know the theme and that anyone you are bringing knows it too. If you dig yourself into this hole, you can’t blame your co-workers for poking fun.


This works from both sides. If you’re a +1, make sure you’re on the same page as the person taking you, and that the person taking you is on the same page as everyone else.


You’re still “at work”. Leave your crush alone.

If your workplace doesn’t have this individual then you’re probably free from temptation for another year. But for others, there may be an individual that serves as the eye candy that brightens your day all year round.


No matter how many glasses of wine or bottles of beer you’ve had, keep your admiration to yourself. You may find that the least of your worries will be embarrassment come Monday… if you still have a job.


A networking genius (not networking nightmare) consumption level.

You know what we’re talking about with this one. You have a drink or two and begin to relax a bit and start some quality, genuinely interesting conversations with your co-workers.


That’s the level you want to sustain throughout the whole night, don’t trick yourself into thinking the more you have the better you become at networking. You’ll be the only one thinking that. Generally it’s best to gauge where everyone else is at and stay a little bit more sober than that.


Remember it’s your work Christmas party. This isn’t ever going to be that crazy, memorable party you deliberately don’t tell your kids about one day. Just enjoy it for what it is.


Authors Bio:

Writing from a spectacular Central Coast location, Melinda McCrone is the Marketing Manager for Crowne Plaza Terrigal. With a flair for planning, creating and all things marketing, Melinda has over 15 years’ experience in making things happen.