Busy Bees Beekeeping on Business Balconies, Backyards and Basically Everywhere is a program created and facilitated by Thrill environmental team builders. We especially enjoy teams building for The Blue Banded Bee an incredibee, an Australian native and stingless to boot. All humour beesides here’s the details!!

We are all about ensuring our wonderful pollinators, especially native Australian Bees have a home and habitat to pollinate. Even in our most crowded city spaces and industrial areas.

The program starts with an insect search in your immediate vicinity. Learning more about the fascinating lives of insects and bees. We review which bees are ideal for your business or backyard space. How to collect honey from homey bees and living a sustainable lifestyle that will increase the quality of life.

Thrill will bring in a real hive to demonstrate it’s qualities and then have your teams building their own hives and growing plants to help provide suitable habitats and foods for the bees.

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  • Want to grow a bee friendly garden at work?
  • Learn to be a backyard business beekeeper !
  • Reduce the pesticides and herbicides…
  • The science of anthecology – biology of pollination explained and experienced

BEE BUILDING Team Building suitable for small to large groups of 9-1,000 delegates.

Created where all human beings are and go.
From Sydney to Blue Mountains to Hunter Valley, Melbourne to Gold Coast, Brisbane and The Sunshine Coast.

All regional meeting spaces or conference rooms and hotels or resorts.


Meet and Greet by Bee team builder host and coordinator.

Multi-Media presentation on bee related environmeetal issues and the crisis issues surrounding pollinators.

Demonstration of bee hive or hotel making processes which can be conducted live on stage with cameras taking the action to the big screen.

Teams receive instruction sheets, collect materials and tools.

BEEgin the building, drilling, assembling, screwing and tying it all together.

Assembling all the bee hives.


Duration: 1.5-3hrs dependent on your timing requirements.

Benefits: The bee hives can be used immediately and or taken home or placed around work and business spaces.

Additions: Planting and growing native flowering plants.

Here’s a scientists word that we should all heed. “Pollinator decline is already having an impact on our food security. We need to take action at a local and national level. We all rely on pollinators for one in three bites of food. Quality food and plenty of housing are essential for thriving pollinator populations”.

Excerpt and further insight from Melissa Ballantyne of Sydney Stingless Bees “Keeping stingless bees is easy and you don’t need to be an expert! The native bee is stingless as well as family friendly which makes this bee a very popular addition to the backyard. Most keepers of the native bee do not keep the bees for honey but rather for the conservation of this little bee whose population is declining because of human development”. “Native bees are virtually maintenance free and are busy pollinating your backyard or vege patch darting back and forth to their hive with bright coloured pollen”. “Native bees are not affected by the many diseases or mites which are wiping out the European hives. The varroa mite is the latest pest damaging European bee populations”.

It is up to all of us to make changes for a more positive future by BEEing proactive! Call 02 9630 2222 to order your next conference bee project.