Flight experience simultaion team building on boeing 737 - 800 in Sydney

From Paper Planes Team Development Boeing 737-800 Flight Experience Captains Pilot Training in Sydney

Flight experience simultaion team building on boeing 737 - 800 in Sydney Imagine taking off with your team for team building development and training in Sydney that results in safely landing a Boeing 737-800 aircraft jet liner at a selected international airport – it’s the best team building experience that we can package from making paper planes to flying success. Thrill has teamed up with Flight simulation experiences in Sydney’s Darling Harbour where you take the pilots controls and become the captain.

Thrill team building facilitators have your staff, employees and managers observe carefully a selected clip from Landing Miracle on The Hudson. Then designing and build a model aircraft from basic flight principles of Bernoulli as endorsed by NASA.Hudson flight training team building simulation

The real surprise is that the next step is a journey to Sydney Airport to witness Boeing 737’s take offs and landings from a secret vantage. The next stage is a pilots briefing and scenario prior to entering the Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator cockpit.


Thrill Flight Experience Training and Simulation Scenario in Sydney where you Become The Pilot CaptainBernoulli flight Thrill Nasa experience in Sydney

Sydney is full of Team Building Surprises by Thrill team events Flight Experience where we have designed a team development program for 2-20 staff around the the World’s #1 Flight Simulator of a Boeing 737. Our packages include training seminars, training nights, product launches, client and corporate entertainment events with a special focus on intelligent and relevant team building principles. Thrill Flight Experience has access to an amazing venue providing a unique experience that will bond employees, staff and special client relationships. Tailored and custom built packages designed to ensure outcomes, goals and objectives are met.

Taking control and command of the world’s most popular jet airliner;  a Boeing 737. Sit in the pilot Captain’s seat and take-off, cruise over countries and land the aircraft professionally. The Boeing 737-800 flight simulator is a amazing talent to fly a modern jet airliner as the Captain.

We create an immersive experience. The flight simulator uses the latest technologies, approved by aviation regulatory authorities worldwide for real pilot training. Ask the Thrill team for more details of the team building that can be integrated into your staff training that will leave your staff impressed and more connected. just like MGSM. MGSM creates world-class qualifications for more than 40 years, with business qualifications, postgraduate courses and masters degrees connected to industry.