50 team building exercises for Busy Managers Book

Team Building Exercises for Managers in 15 minutes

team building exercises that work for employeesSelect and benefit from 50 quick team-building activities for Busy Managers. This is a book by Brian Cole Miller put out through Amazon, comes in Kindle form for only $9.55. Ideal for Supervisors, HR, team leaders, managers even CEO’s looking to motivate teamwork or boost morale quickly and effectively!

Enjoy 50 team exercises and fun games to energise, motivate and reward employees

This book is ideal for busy managers. Which can be implemented with no special facilities. We call this a no props approach. Avoid expenses – no previous training experience required. Just give it a go!

Within this great little resource Team Building book there are exercises for:

  • building new teams
  • integrating new team member
  • dealing with changes
  • Coping with anger, fear, frustration
  • Recognising individual efforts
  • Rewarding team accomplishments
  • Creative ways to work together
  • Problem Solving
  • Increase and improve communication
  • Leverage team diversity
  • Encourage individual differences to achieve team goal
  • Keep competition healthy
  • Increase productivity within the team.

Instructions and tips for follow-up and variations are included for each activity,

Extra chapter with valuable advice for working through unexpected difficulties in team-building.

If this book fails or your expertise in delivery is a challenge
Thrill team building exercies quoteCall THRILL team excitement experts that come direct to your offices, events, conferences and meetings. We are energised and ready to engage staff.

For $45-$75pp (min 10) + site fees we will run the quick team building activities session to get your team kicking goals and increase recognition, reward and productivity! The bigger the group the lower the cost.

Invest in staff that love facilitating team building activities