Medtronic charity team building activities in Coogee, Sydney

Team Building Furniture 4 Smith Family Charity

Yesterday was another positive day in the life of a team building facilitator in Sydney.

Thrill staff met with our enthusiastic client group Medtronic at Coogee Bay Hotel Conference Rooms to embark upon a special project. Building real, high quality Ikea furniture for families in Wollongong. As part of our Charity Team Building Projects.

The evening prior many staff had watched or heard of Struggle Street families in need. A controversial SBS documentary that highlights some of the personal issues faced by families.

The Smith Family helps support struggling families making ends meet. “The Smith Family is a children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves”.

Martha Cottam, Volunteer Coordination Unit at The Smith Family came along to receive the furniture and speak about the positive work of The Smith Family. Martha wrote to tell us of her impression.

Hello Konrad, “Thankyou once again for your time and for allowing me to come along and talk about The Smith Family and our Operations. The Medtronic sales team honestly made some beautiful pieces of furniture and some little boy, girl, mum or dad. Or someone who needs to have something special in their home, will be very blessed indeed!”
Kind Regards from Martha Cottam – Clarence Street, Sydney.

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