Transport NSW team building in The Rocks Sydney with harbour Bridge Climb in background.

Sydney Team Building Activity Review by Thrill Client Transport

In this months Thrill Sydney team building activities news.

April has been an inspiring month for companies and businesses looking to improve their teams communication, inter connectivity and understanding. Transport NSW team building in The Rocks Sydney with harbour Bridge Climb in background.

Thrill facilitators have enjoyed working with over 150 organisational staff. From Transport NSW in Sydney CBD, Performics Corporate Survivor on The Hawkesbury. To clients like structural building developer Diona at Terrigal Crown Plaza. Completing Survivor team development initiative activities on the beach at Terrigal.

transport-nsw-team-logoTransport NSW Team Building Activities Evaluation 100% Success

We loved Transport NSW’s Amazing Race through Sydney. Whilst avoiding traffic and working on Rail systems. We managed to balance 3 hours of amazing fun. Including creative activities to engender lateral thinking skills and improving communication.
“Hello Konrad Lippmann and Michelle Chapman of Thrill Team Events.

Thank you very much for creating an awesome team event for us. The activities and route were all well planned, and the team all had positive feedback on the day. Transport will definitely recommend Thrill for future team development. Many thanks!”

team building activities events enquiry formRatings from 1 to 7 = 100% Excellent results.
Rate the Thrill Amazing Race Sydney Program overall: 7 = 100%
Level of Satisfaction: 7 = 100%
Rate the quality of Coordinator: 7 = 100%
Support Staff: 7 = 100%
Equipment provided: 7 = 100%
A – Everything ran smoothly, everyone was satisfied with the activities.
Why did you choose this program for your team?
A – The Amazing Race team exercise was creative, got people out of their comfort zones but not in a daunting/awkward way.
Did the program meet and / or exceed or satisfy your requirements? Yes
If Yes – How?
A – We wanted something that would accommodate for all fitness levels, was creative, innovative.
That is exactly what we received.

Which part of the program was your teams favourite.
A – All great in their own way, the most popular activity was creating the team mascots.
Thank you!
Janet Cheng, Transport NSW

performics team building event logoSurvivor Outdoor Team Building Activities The Retreat Wisemans Ferry with Performics

Performics staff particiapting in Survivor team building activitiues at Wisemans Ferry Retreat.

Only 1 hr escape from Sydney’s CBD traffic congestion.

Teams enjoyed the tranquility of Wisemans Retreat on The Hawkesbury River, Wisemans Ferry. An excellent location for Thrill outdoor team building activities. Over 50 staff participated in an excellent selection of team challenge. Based on our longest running group activities theme; Survivor.

Diona staff embraced the Survivor Activities. After heading north of Sydney to Terrigal. Further investing in and developing the leadership skills of their employees.

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