eTEAMBUILDING; THRILL’s newest Technology “impacting business today”. 

eTeamBuilding using Smart Technology to teach teamwork

In today’s fast moving technology savvy corporate environments we are exposed to many Technology Trends. Many may not grasp the features, usability and techniques to make best practice with new communication devices and transportation. Often its a trust thing, sometimes its just that we are resistant to change. At THRILL we incorporate up to date technologies to ensure a complete team development and team building experience.

THRILL attended the CeBIT Global Conferences – Industry Leaders Conference in Sydney Olympic Park. We report here on our findings! We were blown awayfree team building quote

  • 1stly at the excellent entreprenuers and small business start-ups that have effective communication tools, resources, skills and abilities.
  • 2ndly by the apps available from every business including CBA’s data recall and Canon’s integration of software and hardware systems.

Experience our new Sydney e team building activities and customised team development  GEO Chase Sprint using Smart Phones, Ipads and Tablet Technology.

GEO eTeamBuilding

Cost effective new team building activity packages in Sydney from:

1. $44pp Self Facilitated
2. $55pp THRILL Facilitated
3. $155pp GEO combined with SEGWAYS
Kicks off from the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park or The Armory Cafe!

GEO eTeamBuilding with THRILL is now available in all Australian Cities and Worldwide – we can conduct a team building session via your smart phone or we supply our Tablets and Technology for you to experiment.

Segway THRILL Waitering Challenge Sydney Olympic park


eTeamBuilding using SEGWAYS Technology by THRILL

Brookfield Teams completing their eTeamBuilding GEO Combined SEGWAY in Sydney Olympic Park last week

– having a skilled helping hand is essential to get the best out of today’s technology.

Segways have an incredible adaptive technology built into the sensors of the footpad. Trusting this technology is challenging.

Last week Brookfield teams were facilitated through a journey of discovery culminating in riding down steps and a steep dirt slope.

Testing their skills.

The pace of adaptation by the Brookfield teams was exceptional with each team member accomplishing each terrain and showed trust in the technology.

Speak or Skype with THRILL eTeamBuilding Facilitators to integrate your business technology and achieve greater teamwork results.

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eTeam Building fun learning on Segways