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Biff The Boss Team Building Activities to Empower Teams

Biff The Boss is a new cathartic team building activities experience on offer through Thrill team events in Sydney and The Gold Coast. We have an activity for corporate clients that brings team into a safe combat environment as a team building exercise.staff martial arts and team building bash the boss games with armour

Instructed at selected martial arts academies, conference centers and at your offices or warehouse.

Experiences that could be summated as guilt free violence. 1.5 to 2 hours of training in stick fighting. With the opportunity for each participant to suit up in specifically designed armour.

Bash their Boss or opponent with a stick, club or broadswords. Implementing skills taught and learnt in a fast fun paced class exercise.

Thrill Team Events suggests the team building experience “Bash the boss” is terrific fun. It gives the opportunity for staff to fight or flight in a safe controlled environment. With suitable protective body armour. Your staff will be empowered by the Bash The Boss experience and have a healthy new respect for each other. This is a cathartic team development program run professionally. Sparring using sticks, weaponry and clubs.

Reason to bash your boss over the head with a stick that’s fun and Catharticteam building activities events enquiry form

Enjoy an incredibly fun, accessible by anyone. No martial arts experience required, suitable for those with a basic fitness level.

Life in Sydney is chaotic and frustrating. People have incredible amounts of stress, working long hours. The team building games by Thrill team builders and facilitators provide staff, employees, leaders and managers a relief from their daily routines. Allowing an cathartic outlet that is controlled and physical. Yet suitable for staff to communicate their frustrations in a direct way.

Tournaments are based on points and works on strikes landed. In the games, the boss is provided certain advantages. Making the experience engaging and competitive. Resulting in a positive experience. Rather than relentless provocation. We work within the learning pace of the group.

A terrific feature, is that due to the safety armour each participant is provided and weapons used. It is possible for a bit of pain to be experienced. But no real physical damage. Because of this, it creates a level of fearlessness that each person experiences. Known as the Superman effect’.

The longer the Fights, Bouts and Tournaments. The more energy your staff will need to put in. Spectators are typically laughing, or staring in amazement as a co-worker they didn’t think was anything but timid. Can be overwhelming their opponent tactically. Participants can feel contact, however the strikes and armour allow deflect dangerous contact without damaging your staff.

This program is only offered to corporate groups who would like to have a genuine fun learning experience. Benefits which managers would also see by engaging their group in this activity is:

  • Increasing self concept
  • self actualising
  • catharcism
  • improved well being and workers mental health
  • Increasing their confidence and individual capabilities
  • We relate the Biff or Bash the Boss Games to developing a more powerful team

Thrill team building is offered at all locations within the Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Central Coast. Or can be held at one of Thrill’s partner training venues, conference spaces.

Armoured Martial Arts Team Development Games Summary

  • 2 hour of training and Tournaments
  • Professional Instructors
  • breaking down barriers
  • improving communication
  • thinking about work colleagues
  • Photography package
  • Minimum of 10 people,
  • Suitable for corporate group training events with up to 500 employees and staff from Admin to managers and CEO
  • Championship Trophy
  • Prizes

A fun opportunity to positively engage your staff with real full contact team building exercises. Will have your staff communicating with respect. Corporate group games, sports and entertainment in all locations through Sydney and beyond.

Please call Thrill staff 02 9630 2222.