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Building Bridges: Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop on Domestic Violence Awareness

Thrill is concerned on the rising number of reported cases of DV, here we can design and Build Bridges through Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop on Domestic Violence Awareness. Furniture for Families charity team building CSR activities that provide a Beam of Hope for Families with Thrill corporate team builders

Objective: To empower employees of local Sydney corporations with knowledge and skills to address domestic violence. Fostering a supportive workplace culture and promoting sustainable corporate social responsibility.

Thrill CSR Workshop Agenda:

  1. Introduction:
    • Welcome and overview of CSR workshop objectives.
    • Icebreaker activities to encourage participation and create a comfortable environment.
  2. Understanding Domestic Violence:
    • Define domestic violence and its forms (physical, emotional, financial).
    • Discuss prevalence and impact statistics in Australia and globally.
    • Share personal stories or case studies to humanize the issue.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Domestic Violence:
    • Explain the role of businesses in addressing social issues.
    • Showcase successful CSR initiatives related to domestic violence by leading corporations.
    • Discuss the benefits of integrating domestic violence awareness into CSR strategies.
  4. Supporting Survivors in the Workplace:
    • Explore ways to create a safe and supportive work environment for employees experiencing domestic violence.
    • Provide resources and guidelines for managers and HR personnel on responding to disclosures sensitively and effectively.
    • Role-playing scenarios to practice supportive communication skills.
  5. Community and Corporate Engagement or Partnerships:
    • Highlight opportunities for corporations to collaborate with local charities and organisations combating domestic violence.
    • Brainstorming staff ideas for fundraising events, awareness campaigns or volunteer initiatives. CLICK HERE FOR  Thrill Furniture for Families.Medtronic Team Building Furniture for Smith Family children's charity CSR programs
  6. Sustainable Impact:
    • Discuss the long-term effects of corporate involvement in addressing domestic violence.
    • Identify strategies for measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of CSR initiatives.
    • Encourage participants to commit to ongoing involvement and advocacy.
  7. Action Planning:
    • Facilitate group discussions to brainstorm actionable steps for implementing domestic violence awareness initiatives within participants’ respective corporations.
    • Develop a collective action plan with specific goals, timelines, and responsibilities.
  8. Closing:
    • Summarise key takeaways and insights from the workshop.
    • Provide participants with resources, including contact information for support services and relevant organizations.
    • Invite feedback and reflections from participants.

Thrill Furniture For Families DV awareness workshop aims to equip employees with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to make a positive difference in addressing domestic violence. Both within their workplaces and communities. By fostering collaboration and commitment to sustainable CSR practices, corporations can play a significant role in creating a safer and more supportive society for all.

Contact Thrill staff to communicate your interest in helpimng DV affected families whilst building your team.