Rotarians surprised, delighted – Brilliant Flashmob Performance by THRILL


Sensational way to greet ROTARY  International and all Rotarians into Australia from around the world in Sydney Olympic Park.

The kids in the Kangaroos suits – so sweet!

Amazing Trickers, Stunts, Sydney Cheerleaders, Throws, Somersaults, Aerialists, Waltzing and Bushdance engaging fun!!!

Professional public Flash Mobs for Team Building and Events throughout Australia.

Australian dance team flash mob Sydney Olympic Park

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A HUGE thank you to all the kids, dancers, performers and Thrill team bonding together to create such a special event!

It was amazing, high energy and great fun.

Need Trickers, Dancers, Bush Music, Cheerleaders, Children, Performers, Videographers, Photographers, Event Managers in Sydney – throughout Australia.

THRILL has the team to bring excitement to your next event!