Team Building Bridge Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb Thrill Experience for Groups

Do you remember being daring? Climbing you favourite tree, the roof of the house, onto the balcony, or up a cliff. Reaching out to from the trunk of a tree and stepping gingerly to the edge of the branches to glimpse the world to from another angle. Feel the tingle in your toes and hands, knowing that you are very alive with senses heightened sharing the moment with your people. Team Building Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

That is exactly the Thrilling experience we at THRILL events provide for your groups. Managing all the logistics, timing, content and locations that Sydney’s best has to offer. We invite you to experience the inspirational activities we offer throughout Sydney. One phone call and the process of having your teams escape the office and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Reach the peak of team building experiences, climbing the everest pinnacle on Sydney Harbour is more than exhilerating it is rewarding.

Experience a Thrill on Sydney Bridge Climb Team Building

Bridge Climb – 3 ½ hours, 14 climbers per Group
The real and original fun legal climbing adventure on Sydney Harbour Bridge. This unique experience takes climbers on top of the bridge’s structure. Ideal for a 3 ½ hour breathtaking experience of Sydney and viewing the magnificent harbour.

Bridge Climb Express – 2 ½  hours, 14 Climbers per Group
This climbing adventure is perfect for those who are short of time in Sydney. The Express Climb features more of the BridgeClimb team on hand to assist Climbers with their Climb preparation, allowing them to discover the wonders of the Bridge in just 2 ½  hours.

Bridge Quick Climb Sampler – 1 ½ hours, 12 Climbers per Group
Get a taste of the world famous BridgeClimb! In a fast 1 ½ hours, teams ascend the inner arch of the iconic Bridge. Gain spectacular vantages halfway to the top. Ideal for you if you have height concerns and don’t want to go all the way up!

Bridge Climb Mandarin speaking – 2 ½ hours, 14 Climbers per Group thrill team building activities and corporate events quote
BridgeClimb Sydney offers daily Mandarin climb departing 3.00pm led by a Mandarin speaking guide. Groups will journey through the heart of the Sydney Harbour Bridge before breaking through the very top, 134 metres above sea level. At the summit climbers will be rewarded with spectacular 360 degree views of Sydney. After reaching the summit, the group will make their way down the western inner arch where they will witness views of western Sydney and as far as the Blue Mountains.

Climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a thrilling experience and adventure for team building activities. Select the desired time frame for an amazing climb to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Your climb can be booked and completed most times throughout the day and night.

Thrill climb is a guided adventure trek of approximately three and a half hours. Along the journey you witness amazing views of Sydney City, The Opera House and our stunning harbor. Not for the faint hearted, Bridge climb takes you over the arch of the Bridge to the summit! Once here you enjoy spectacular 360 degree views of Sydney city. The autoset Cameras capture your moment and will be ready to collect upon return to the staging set up area.

Please call 02 9630 2222 or click here to request our Thrill Corporate Event Team Specialists to contact you about booking Sydney activities. We can combine your Sydney Harbour experiences with Darling Harbour Conferences, Sailing, Visiting The Aquarium, Enjoying Cockatoo Island Bar, Exploring Taronga Zoo and Taking on The Wild Ropes Course Challenge. Truly a highlight of your Australian Team Building Incentive or Corporate conference vacation.