Top 500 Companies Select THRILL Corporate Events for Team Building Activities

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Being in business for 20 years is a major milestone. Staying ahead of competitors whilst defining the market niche of team building activities and events takes talent. Satisfying over 100,000 clients that are real people, requires unique skills. Being the benchmark that other copycat companies emulate is said to be a sign of recognition. Motivating teams in the top 500 companies of the world is a remarkable achievement.

In today’s highly competitive markets, screaming from a building rooftop will not be heard. Broadcasting on commercial television may result in a hit and often miss approach. Spending significant resources on SEO to outwit Googles algorithms could accidently plummet a website to beyond page 10+. For the team at THRILL, the only way to succeed has been to do what we do best and provide results.

Real Customer Service with The Best Team Event Activities to the Top 500 Companies in Australia ConsistentlyTop-500-companies-thrill

Developing new Team Building Ideas for adult groups and and revising key strategies comes down to key element of

giving the best Customer Service Experience each and every time Thrill conducts an event for your business teams.

New in 2015 we have developed and refined a further 5 team building events. Predominantly along the Charity Team Building Furniture for Families. Building Bikes and Trikes with MAURI for disadvantaged Kids.

Also keeping in theme with popular reality television events our success in providing sensational Flash Mobs for CBA, BD , JnJ, Think you can Dances, Lip Sync Battles and Amazing Races for NAB, Toyota, Google, 3M, IKEA, NESTLE, YAHOO, APPLE, COCA-COLA, AUDI, FORD, BMW continues to bring a Thrill to the top 500 companies Australia wide.

As a great surprise we have gathered a list of New Team Building Activities to reward your teams this Spring


  • Team Building Fun Races Sailing  Luxury Yachts on Sydney Harbour thrill team building activities and corporate events quote

    Yacht racing provides an afternoon of exciting fun for all your business teams on board a fleet of luxury yachts. Taking part in the super popular Twilight and Saturday Social race series.

    LOCATIONS: Sydney Harbour departing from Rose Bay or Darling Harbour. Middle Harbour from Newport and Manly.

  • Laser Skirmish Corporate Group Combat Adventures

    Get ready to play laser skirmish! For a fun day out, without the rough and tumble of paint gun pellet bruises. Gather your team and colleagues for an outdoor expedition.

    LOCATIONS: Sydney Greater West, Surfers Paradise

  • Team Building Laser Clay Shooting Targets

    Laser clay target shooting is a tactical team sport that can be enjoyed by all your business staff. Team enjoy a fantastic team building activity that gets the focus on fun.

    LOCATIONS: Sydney NSW, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine QLD

  • Team Building Aircraft Rescue Adventures

    Be escorted to a remote site where your team survives a simulated aircraft plane crash. A little bit like LOST! The team building activities will have your teamwork, communication and problem solving skills improved.

    LOCATIONS: Surfers Paradise and Grandchester, South Coast QLD

  • Team Building Off Road 4WD Adventures

    Love getting your team to experience the great outdoors? We have a high and low range of four wheel driving escapes and 4WD Team Building Adventures.

Ask a Thrill staff representative to design and deliver one of the top 500 corporate team building events. 02 9630 2222