office indoor team building games to play with your teams

Office Olympic Team Activity Games Motivating Staff off their Chairs

Office Game Olympics for staff are the best way to get your team engaged and motivated. Employees start with with a fun set of Thrill activities. Everything you thought you can do with, in and around Office furniture. Would you like an Office Olympics Games session, that makes being in an office fun?

Office Olympics for Interactive Fun Games Problem Solving and Laughter

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Firstly #1 our team of group games staff comes out to your offices to facilitate and run the games. Facilitating the fun with ‘our bag of tricks’.

Secondly #2 we bring the music and props to create an amazing atmosphere. With the staff skills to engage and include everyone.

Office games is Horse PlayThirdly #3 the motivation and excitement generated will have your EA’s, PA’s, administration staff and managers smiling. Energised, activated and communicate naturally.

Fourthly #4 hmmm, no one wants to come fourth, so we will skip to lastly.

Lastly #last this amazing fun group of office games activities for adults is the best return on investment a business, corporate group or team of misfits and nerds can accomplish.

1. Horse Play in The Office

With the End Of Financial Year and Melbourne Cup around the corner and down the straight. Its time to put on your spurs, jockey hat and team colours. Thrill staff bring in a Horse Racing Board or miniature broomstick ponies to ride. We can even bring Wines, Beers and Ciders for special Tastings to complement the games.

2. The Office Chair Race – a Game of Strategy and Skills

Don’t you love to glide and slide your office chair around the office. Are your staff making tracks to the coffee machine but not even standing up to walk over. Glued to their seats your employees will love our office Olympics Games.

3. The Office Eraser Pencil Bounce Minute 2 Win It Games

This comes direct from The Minute 2 Win It line up of office fun games that we love to play with your teams. Bouncing a pencil into a glass is rewarding when everyone is cheering on Betty to nail the final eraser.

4. Hanky Panky the Tissues come Streaming out at Full Pace

Great for the office sniffler to get some extra tissues or get crazy stripping out tissues from a tissue box. Your Thrill Games facilitator will make this a world championship competition extravaganza. Guaranteeing lots of laughs and a few tears of mirth. Luckily the softest kleenex tissues are already on hand.

thrill team building activities and corporate events quote5. Give your team a Thrill!

It’s time for your team in the office to get a gas lift. Using their office chairs as a sports vehicle is better than a play station, Xbox and Wi. Have the Thrill team come direct to your offices and create the best fun your administration and management staff can handle.

Why: Because

Where: In your offices or in our selected venues

Required: A group of your people

Results: Interaction, Communication, Break Down Barriers, Motivation and Shared Humour

Costs: Get your free team building activities quote and enquire for a proposal.

Extras: More Interactive Gaming Activities, Remote Control Buggies, Casino Fun Games of Roulette and Blackjack, Alcohol, Nibblies, Wines, Beers and Ciders. Giant Pictionary, Giant Scattegories, Giant Celebrity Heads, Giant Puzzles and Board Games. Our newest team building card game is Hanabi Fireworks Facory. Your team has to build as many fireworks as possible before the factory blows up. Communication and focus is key!

Call: 02 9630 222 and steer away from boring team building activities.

Ask: OK Google we want fun for our office staff celebration and rewards

Do: Your team a favour. By booking now. Before End Of Financial Year, The Melbourne Cup and Corporate Christmas Celebration Parties are booked out.

BONUS: Free Event Photography and your very own to boast about Engraved winners Office Championship Trophy!