Sydney Opera House Flash Mob for team building activities and events

Uptown Funk Sydney Flash Mob has 2 Million Views Connecting People

In less than 1 year, Sydney Flash Mob To Uptown Funk is nearing and will surpass the 2 million viewer mark. Making it one of the most successful branding marketing campaigns a business can engage. Presenting a cost effective positive relationship. Fun, upbeat and in iconic Sydney locations.

Flash Mobs are ideal for Marketing and Sponsorship of Business Teams

Branding messages with a fun flavour. The viral nature of smart phones capturing flash mobs on the street. Uploading the videos and social media sharing, is exciting. With close to 2 million views! You would be Crazy to leave this entertainment branding technique out of your marketing, branding and sponsorship arsenal.

A flash mob shared by consumers is tangible. Living beyond its immediate audience. To make it relevant for relationship marketing. Flags, banners and backgrounds can be incorporated. As well as give-aways to by-standers and the public. Dance sequences from Hip Hop, Street, Cardio Funk to modern contemporary and popular culture music is the ideal vehicle.

They represent a valid platform to deliver a positive messages and develop the desired relationship to your brand. Here in this Sydney Flash Mob, the marketing is minimal. Whilst the location attracts major attention. As it is one of Sydney’s most recognisable iconic locations next to Circular Quay. With lunchtime crowds, tourists and corporate workers taking a break from their office environments and being entertained for free.

Excellent choreography of the dance moves with exceptional dancers performing the routines. Neat trickers, hip hop and a wide variety of dance styles are incorporated into this one song – Uptown Funk. A catchy tune. Making this performance both visually appealing as well as creating the desire of viewers to capture their share and immediately upload to social media. Creating the viral effect with worthwhile outside the box marketing. team-event-enquiry

Watch the video again to witness the various dancers skills. 3 Levels of formations, a chorus main line dance move sequence and unique energy flow. The whole crew is in sync, on beat with both timing and tempo. The patterns and changes with – “I wonder what’s going to happen next’? Keeps facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram viewers engaged. This routine is a polished, practiced, professional flash mob that impresses the masses.

The opportunities to engage with consumers in this format are exceptional! Flash Mobs, whether performed by your team or performed to your consumers and customers. Is simply a terrific, cost effective investment for your business and marketing teams.