Drone Hire Corporate Event Image Capture

Tips for Drone Hire or Thrill and Up-Skill Training Corporate Team Events captured from all Perspectives

Drones provide a unique perspective to capture photos and video at trade shows, conferences, team building outings, galas and other unique corporate events. We interviewed two photography professionals, Jules Clifford of Event Photography of North America Corporation and Bob Christie, of Christie’s Photographic Studios. To share what advice they would give planners who are thinking about incorporating this new technology. Drone Hire Corporate Event Image Capture

Here are their tips.

1. Confirm whether the venue will allow a drone to be flown and, if so, where. “It’s still a gray area with some of them. At a convention center, for example, some may say you can’t use a drone but they mean in the common areas. And on the expo floor they leave it up to the client,” Clifford says.

2. Verify that the vendor flying the drone has appropriate insurance. “It is flying overhead and it is being controlled by a human. So [insurance] would be my first question,” Christie says.

3. Ask the vendor for references and examples of prior drone footage.

Showcase the popularity of an event using a licensed drone operator to capture amazing aerial imagery. Drone photography can be effectively linked across a company’s social media pages, establishing a platform for attendee engagement while capturing a unique perspective of the event. Drone inspired technology can be used to provide a tangible experience and produce material that will allow a company to engage with current stakeholders or enhance marketing efforts across new mediums.
How much are event managers paying?

Many drone operators will charge around $250-$550 per hour for event work. Note that this starting rate can often increase depending on factors such as: Travel time, If an extra operator or observer is required on site to carry out the job safely.
How complicated the job is. Sometimes an Area Approval needs to be submitted to CASA and Air Services Australia. If required, this will be an additional expense. Have your next event idea in mind? Request a quote for free.

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5 tips you need to know about Drones and regulations to fly them safely at events to capture that ultimate shot

1. Certification
Drone operators must be certified by CASA in order for them to be allowed to do business with you. While we require all operators listed to provide their CASA certification number. You should satisfy yourself that your chosen operator’s certificate is valid and that it permits the operator to carry out the kind of work you are asking them to do. Engaging a non-certified or uninsured drone operator may expose you to substantial damages or compensation claims.

2. Insurance
We strongly recommend you satisfy yourself that your chosen drone operator holds a current public liability insurance policy that specifically covers the operation of a drone (RPA) for your project. The public liability insurance policy should also cite the names of the persons who will be controlling the actual drone/s (the ‘certified controllers’) during your project.

3. Relevant experience
Some drones can carry the weight of cameras such as the Red Epic and Black Magic – which may be important to you. Also ask about the camera stabilisation system and if zoom and follow focus can be controlled from the ground. Drones are battery powered and will typically fly from 15 to 30 minutes before needing to swap the battery out. Always check the show reel! You might be looking for chase scenes, panoramics or punch outs as examples of experience.

Dronesforhire.com.au is Australia’s largest directory of certified drone operators and lists each operator’s top 3 most experienced areas/applications.

Drones are used for a wide range of purposes and this requires different designs (e.g. quadcopter, octocopter, fixed wing), cameras (e.g. GoPro, Panasonic FX-580, or Red Epic), and operator experience (real estate work, film and TV, asset inspection, agriculture).

As an example, for an operator to perform Film or Television work, the operator is likely to require a high-end 4K camera, understand cinematography and be able to work effectively with a Director of Photography. To carry out a more technical survey or mapping work, the operator would need to understand how to capture and manage data sets to ensure that the final result is accurate.

Ask your drone operator to demonstrate that they have experience doing specifically what you are asking for. Operators should be able to demonstrate this by showing you their sample images and videos (their ‘show reel’) and maps.

4. Travel expenses
Drone operators that do not have an office near the area that your job is located in sometimes add travel expenses to their quote. Please discuss this with them directly.

5. Area approval
Sometimes drone operators will need to request an area approval from CASA, depending on the job location and other factors. You should ask your chosen operator about this before they commence the work.