Flash Mob by ZEISS staff at Cypress Lakes Hunter Valley Activities and Events with Thrilling Results

The joyful ZEISS team learned amazing and flowing choreography and performed Hunter Valley Flash Mob and surprised their fellow conference guests at Cypress Lakes.  Thrill dancers moved into team building activities mode with a unique difference. 100% participation. Excitement and energy that impresses the crowd.

Firstly, Thrill team put on a surprise flash mob performance to great applause. Then announced to stunned ZEISS staff that the routine they just witnessed, would be performed by them at the Gala Dinner! No pressure?… Right!

The ZEISS team led by their inspirational managers. Completed a very credible dance routine that showed off their talents to the hit song Blue by Eiffel 65. Matching the Blue conference theme and ZEISS business colours. Would your team be game enough to complete a Flash mob. Contact Thrill team events for team building activities that are never boring.

ZEISS Flash Mob Staff Performance Kicks off the Evening Corporate Entertainment

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