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THRILL is hiring Casual Employees and Instructional Staff for Events, Conferences and Team Building Activities Jobs

Thrill casual employment staff and jobs for activities instructorsCasual staff required immediately for staff connection activities, conferences, team building activities and celebrations. Let’s gear us up for an incredible end of 2022 year!

Hiring both part time, full time and casual staff as Exciting events or conference coordinators with energetic fun indoor and outdoors activities instructor positions to be filled now.

Urgent Amazing Fun casual staff required for Thrilling Activities in Sydney and Gold Coast Now

Amazing Races, Treasure Hunts, Sports, Fun n Games, Team Building, Conference and Events Coordinators.

Pay rate:  From $25-$45per hour

– Skills and role dependent in Sydney, NSW, Melbourne Victoria and Brisbane to Gold Coast Surfers Paradise in Queensland.

Job Type: Casual Employment, Part Time or full time roles available.

Salary: Hourly Rate and Bonuses for client sign up / selling Thrill events programs to conference venues, hotels, companies, businesses and corporations.

Salary Rates: From $20-$40per hour. Skills and role dependent

Are you Fun, Personable, Organised and Friendly person. Do you have charisma, confidence and love to smile! Do people listen to you? Are you able to manage and motivate groups of adults to accomplish games, sports and team building activities.

Do you have a passion for Play. That bonds, ignites and Thrills teams of people, events and public gatherings?

Thrill has amazing casual events jobs for the right talented staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast and in Brisbane!

We need you as casual or part time events staff to run and assist exciting team building activities for THRILL.
OUTDOOR JOBS – amazing races, treasure hunts, survivor n more
INDOOR JOBS – games, mini olympics, corporate challenges
OFFICE JOBS – bubbly personality and on-line virtual office roles are available
If you have talent in office skills then we have extra work as a part time role as well.
EVENTS Management Jobs
SEO / WEB Design / VIDEO editing skills Jobs – do you have talent in this area? We can offer work for you.

THRILL staff and employees facilitate team development for communication, collaboration and Teamwork Problem Solving or conference events that celebrate inter-action

When working casually at Thrill what would you be doing?
Running Amazing Race Events
Pirating Treasure Hunt Staff
Motivating Instructing and encouraging business teams to Play Games
Instructing activities
Hosting Events
MCing, Trivia Nights
Setting Up Conferences
Inspiring staff at Corporate Events
Choreographing a dance Flash Mob,
Building Items for Charities.
In short doing what it takes to bring the THRILL in a hands on events industry.

  • Please inspect the website
  • Complete enquiry form with a summation cut n paste job Resume;
  • mobile #
  • suburb you live in
  • preparedness to travel, any vehicle transport reliability and licences
  • your qualifications, experiences, talents and leadership skills
  • Let Thrill know What makes you, YOU!the incredible person you are
  • Along with Photos, Video  – Links to Facebook / Instagram / Linked In / Previous events

Thrill events business is all about inspiring teams to accomplish great activities together.We would love to work with you to create more Thrill events.

Now requiring extra team building staff and jobs as we gear up our talented staff to facilitate and deliver exciting, fun yet safe events in Sydney and beyond.

If you are an amazing super power employee lloing for a career in the events industry. Or are a great instructor of outdoor activities. We look forward to setting up ongoing casual, part time or full time positions.


EXAMPLES OF Casual Work Jobs


Personally we love that Sumo Salad is recruiting. As their food product is simple, healthy and fills a nutritional gap in the fast food industry. Their advertisement “Urgent Casual Staff Hiring for Sumo Salad Norwest – SALAD MANIACS WANTED! Maniacs with creative flair, to be Salad Artists in their store at Norwest near Castle Hill.

“Attention seeker and make others around you get excited about our pretty damn’ cool products”. Have fun and getting into the hard stuff when it counts! No need for previous experience. Need to be passionate about healthy eating and putting together something that looks and tastes great!

BOOST JUICE CASUAL STAFFboost team building activities

Boost Juice is a one of many world famous brands. Especially known for Juices and Smoothies. They are currently looking for an experienced team member at Boost Juice. Desired applicants must possess a great work ethic! You will have the advantage of securing a part time role in the hospitality industry.

Key Boost Juice Duties

  • wash, clean utensils, dishes, store appropriately
  • handle, sort, store, distribute foods
  • wash, peel, chop, cut and cook foods
  • prepare salads and great tasting healthy desserts
  • sort, dispose of rubbish and recycling
  • clean food preparation equipment, floors, kitchen tools and areas.

The ideal Boost Groups THRILL Person

  • Knowledge and application of activities that help people communicate
  • Maintain WHS compliance
  • Experience in any similar roles where groups of people are doing activities – Outdoor Educators, PT Trainer, Conference Mangement, Event Planners Jobs…
  • Communication skills with a ‘can do’ attitude

CRUST PIZZA CASUAL STAFF crust pizza team building activities master chefs

Crust Group is looking to Hire or Train a Manager to help out between our 3 sister stores. These stores for the most part operate evenings, are extremely busy and demand someone who can cope with high pressure environment and pace. Applicants “Requirements”

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Be fluent in English
  • Experienced in conferences, events and hospitality
  • Have own transportation
  • Be able to defuse the odd customer complaint efficiently
  • Be Available for work on the days that suit you; Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 1/2 Days, Evening Work, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays!
  • Duties include: Staff management, Events Coordination, Instructing activities, Customer service, Data entry, Team building, Inspiring People to Engage actively

Looking forward to connecting with you very soon to work on exciting fun jobs with – 0459 1111 29