Thrilling Sydney Bollywood Flashmob with Lynne McGranger

Best Marigold Hotel Bollywood Flash Mob with Lynne McGranger

Mish, our star dancing corporate team building events coordinator from Thrill events was privileged to group into a Flash Mob dance performance with fun Bollywood Dance Moves that got a member from the cast of Home and Away dancing.

Sydney #1 Bollywood Flashmob Entertainment Comes Alive

The dancers met at North Sydney Dance studio and got to meet Dancing With The Stars talent Lynne McGranger. Well known from her character Irene in Home and Away. The amazing choreographer Farah led the group through the Bollywood moves with grace and laughter. We were all impressed with Lynne McGranger picking up the moves so quickly. Mish said, “what really shone, was that Lynne is a great team player. Motivating, encouraging and uniting people around her to enjoy the positivity of the experience”.

With 2 hours of dance practice accomplished the Bollywood Flashmob Routine was sinking in. The very next day it was out to Parramatta for a warm up and final rehearsal in full traditional Bollywood Indian outfits. The team of dancers were then transferred to Stocklands Mall, Merrylands to bust the Bollywood moves in the Burbs.

Lynne McGranger, Irene’s Home & Away performs Bollywood Flash Mob in Sydney Burbs Thrilling Sydney Bollywood Flashmob with Lynne McGranger

As reported by The Daily Telegraph. “This Flashmob was organised to launch the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie. McGranger told Confidential from Stocklands Merrylands earlier “I was just involved in my first flash mob and it wasn’t just any ordinary flash mob, it was a Bollywood flashmob. People were standing around thinking, what the heck is going on here, but it was a lot of fun, they loved it.”

Stunned shoppers and staff got into the spirit of the occassion, videoing, texting and sharing the experience through social media. Century 21 Fox studios filmed the Flashmob event and it’s live on You Tube. Look for Mish our dancing star, in the purple Bollywood dance outfit, 2nd on the left of Lynne McGranger.thrill team building activities and events quote

We were thrilled to be a part of the experience and would love to share Flash Mob Events. Lip Sync Entertainment or Dancing With The Stars as your next corporate event. Fun team building ideas in Sydney and Australia wide. We trust you will enjoy the 2nd Best Marigold Hotel launching now. Ok google avoid boring Sydney team building activities give my team a thrill.