Heston Blumenthal Fat Duck Cooking Gastronomic a Thrill Journey


The once in a lifetime to taste the incredible. The Fat Duck by Heston Blumenthal in the Melbourne Crown was a sensational 5hr dining experience. 17 courses!!  Your team can replicate the deliciousness https://www.thrill.com.au/master-chef-cooking/ .

The Fat Duck is coming to a close the Jigsaw will be complete this Sunday 18th Aug 2015

See the photos on our Thrill team building taste test . Mish’s score an 92/100. Shiraz leaf lolly helped raise the score.

Chef Heston Blumenthal, whose reknowned England restaurant Fat Duck located in Bray is closing down soon in Australia. Poor Heston is being grilled for the high price tag for its extravagant yet absolutely incredible theatrics with food.

This restaurant experience in Melbourne, costs $525 per person, excluding drinks. Good Food in Australia states that it makes the Fat Duck one of Australia’s “most expensive restaurants.” But, Blumenthal believes the price is worthwhile. “We are picking up the entire Bray kitchen plus staff from th   e Fat Duck in The UK and relocating across the world to Australia.” Blumenthal is housing his British staff from around the world for six months as the Melbourne clock tick tocks down and the puzzle is complete.

“The cost for the Duck is like no other restaurant in the world. It can take one chef days just to make one item for the menu. Dining at the Duck for Thrill staff was over 5 hours of amazing taste experiences with entertaining staff. Costing $100 an hour for a “multi-sensory gastronomic journey of history, nostalgia, emotion and memory.” Reservations opened Fat Duck Australia pop-up from February 3, 2015 and is soon closing August 16, 2015.

What’s on the menu – a Snail Porridge, a fungus called Botrytis Cinerea – This is the dish that will challenge Master Chef Contestants in the season finale. Other dishes include ver-jus in a egg. With cute little sprouting mushrooms in a Alice in Wonderland enchantment.

The Thrill verdict – “We loved The Fat Duck”!IMG_5567 IMG_3399_2 IMG_5505 IMG_5585 IMG_3444 IMG_5690 IMG_5658 IMG_5670 IMG_3440_2 IMG_5660 IMG_5614 IMG_3438 IMG_3490_2 IMG_3480

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