Medtronic Team Building Bikes for Children Charity

Happy Friday!

We are delighted to write to you presenting images and clips from the donation of the 5 amazing bikes from your Medtronic conference Team Building Activities held at The Westin recently. Received enthusiastically on 11 June 2015 to Mission Australia and the Benevolent Society Kids at Claymore near Campbelltown.

Eliza Walsh from The Benevolent Society and on behalf of Mission Australia writes about the experience of;

Disadvantaged Kids Receiving Bikes from Thrill Team Building Activities with Medtronic

“Hi Thrill and Medtronic guys,
mission Australia kids receive team building bikes

Yesterday the kids received the bikes. Such an amazing experience to see the absolute delight and excitement on their faces. The kids knew they had to be at the youth centre at 3pm, but they didn’t know why. Each of the parents had been contacted to let them know this was a reward for their child’s awesome improvements and commitment in term 2.

A number of the kids who received the bikes have been kids who typically were having issues, absences and suspensions at school. However, we have seen such a positive progression for these kids it was awesome to reward them and let them know that we believe in them. The school also says they have noticed positive changes.

I purchased really heavy duty locks and we practiced locking them etc and spoke about keeping the bikes and themselves safe. 2 kids receive their team building bikes

Overall it was one of those moments when it all makes sense why we did what we do each day. It is about the kids… They are little champions who often don’t get the chance to just be who they are. Yesterday I saw the innocence and hope in the eyes of each of these kids. Pure awesomeness!

Huge thanks goes out to the crew at Thrill, Sharon and the Medtronic corporate team who made this possible.”