Team Up Day for the best team Building Experiences and Thrill Events

OPTIMA Amazing Race from Bella Vista to Parramatta

Congratulations OPTIMA on Getting This Far in Your Amazing Race to Parramatta

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There is a little way to go to the Thrill Amazing Races finish line and pitstop in Parramatta Area. To determine whether your team is on the money, competitive and talented as we believe you are.

Answer these 2 questions to tell Thrill staff.

Lynette and Mish, who choreographed and taught the dance moves at Crowne Plaza Flash Mob with 120 Vodafone staff!

Watch and listen to the video Vodafone Flash Mob – Hint click on and Follow this link!

Answer these 2 Questions to be registered

Thrill Flash Mob – Write on the GO GO the 2nd Song on the Video and the Artist that sings the song.

2nd Song Name: ___________________________________

2nd Song Artist: _______________    __________________


amazing race team building yield sign

Bonus Points for name, artist and a performance of the last song.

Last Song Name: __________________________________

Last song Artist: ___________________________________

Do your own impersonation of the last song performance to video and post to Team Building events Facebook for a Thrilling fun arrival!


ROAD BLOCK & YIELD with a Double Point Challenge ahead.
Register within 15 minutes or face an elimination battle.