Charity Team Building Activities gift Barnardos Kids Master Chef Kitchens

Charity Team Building Activities in Sydney for Westpac, Astra Zeneca and The Customer Experience

The last few weeks have seen Thrill Charity team building activity successes in Sydney. Achieving excellent results for:

Charity Team Building for Corporate Groups Experience SuccessWestpac graduates Charity Team Building Bikes for Tikes Children's Charities by THRILL

  • Westpac Graduates at Luna Park in the Crystal Palace a place that is more than ‘Just For Fun’. Building amazing quality BMX Stunt Bikes and a set of fun learn to ride trainer wheels Toddler Bikes. Which were donated to the Aboriginal Legal Services in Redfern, Sydney. For children linked to their support programs. The graduates embraced the ‘Building Bikes for Tykes’, breaking into 14 teams to complete 14 bikes. Thrill staff were impressed with the enthusiasm with which the Westpac Graduates applied themselves.Charity Team Building Activities gift Barnardos Kids Master Chef Kitchens
  • Astra Zeneca teams building kids kitchenettes for master chef kids, inspiring foodie champions of the Australia’s cooking future. Donated to Barnardos Children’s charity in Sydney. The theme was building together. Sub teams played a series of minute to win it games based around foods and kitchen items. Before immersing themselves into the “can we build It’ phase. The final components were carefully fitted and quality control inspections ensured a 98-100% quality assurance rating. Before being lovingly gifted to disadvantaged Barnardos Center children in more remote communities.
  • The Customer Experience was a wonderful and touching cooking for Homeless people in the Wollongong region. The Homeless Hub are a generous and dedicated team of people. Committed to ensuring that support services go beyond a hand out. 50 Customer Experience staff dedicated themselves to the service of approximately 50 local homeless and disadvantaged families. Cooking tantilising Thai Curries, wonderful protein based scotch fillet steaks and Butter Chicken dishes with all the traditional garnishes and dipping sauces.

Exciting, rewarding charity team events connecting corporate groups, your people with communities

Thrill Charity team building activities are a fantastic educational and fun engagement tool that community centers and Children’s programs utilise.

Charity Team Building Events are part of our core business values at THRILL team events. Our staff look forward to helping your people work cohesively together. Making Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Communities more livable.

We look forward to delivering exciting team building activities. Supporting the development, rehabilitation and feeding disadvantaged people in need. Reach out, lend a hand. Enabling others to be secure, be valued and feel normal.

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