Thrilling Adrenaline Fun with Drift School Australia – Exciting Corporate activities

Start your engines, spin those wheels, drift your way through each stage of learning and smell the burnt rubber.

It was an idyllic Sunday morning when I walked onto the tar mac, the blue sky, brisk morning air, and the purr of drift car engines filled my ears. My fellow Thrill staff member and I took part in the Drift School Australia ‘Drift 101’ Course. It exhilarated and energized both of us, a friendly rivalry developed that we took into each driving challenge.

I put on my helmet, took a seat and watched as Jimmy, my instructor showed me how to perform a drift handbreak stop. It was then my turn, putting my foot on the pedals, I suddenly felt the real power of the engine. The clutch was harsh, gripping the steering wheel we took off.

Balance, turn too much and you will turn a full 180, turn to little and there is no drift. Three times I turned too much, my last attempt and it was spot on!

Following on from the Hand Break, we performed Drift Doughnuts, around and around we went. Drive with you leg, more power and less power bringing your car bonet closer and further from the cone in the middle. The balancing act of steering, holding your wheels