Customer experience charioty coooking team building activities CSR fun group

Customer Experience Charity Team Building Cooking Event

Congratulations for viewing THRILL team events, we love Charity Cooking team building activities and Cooking Events to help others.Customer experience charioty coooking team building activities CSR fun group

Thrill will take the time to talk with you, to understand what you desire to achieve, from a quality Charity Team Event.

Then we prepare a recipe of success and quote for you.

You might like to see some pictures of the past events that we ran… The pictures are of our event with

Customer Experience Company Cooking for Homeless Hub in Wollongong

Customer Experience Teams worked together to shop, prepare, cook, serve and then share meals with excellent food with their homeless guests.

The feeling of giving back to people who are doing it tough, energised and uplifted the customer service staff.  Each employee demonstrating a genuine care for their efforts. We remarked how everyone participated with a positive attitude, making the difference to impact someone in a special way.

Thrill Team Building Cooking for Homeless Communities and Charity work at Homeless Hub

To see the affect that care for others has on bringing people together to achieve a goal, is truly a special outcome to be a part of.

After preparing and cooking their Thai green curry, Satay Chicken, Vegetarian Pasta, healthy fresh nutritious Garden salads and rice. The teams then set about the task of serving their guests with kindness and dignity.

To give in deed is only one part of the experience.

The second, is to give with the heart and mind.

Thrill Team Building Charity programs are designed to allow people to feel the impact of their contribution.

Treating others with dignity, people who often get walked past and ignored, are smiled at and respectfully served food.

The third part of a Thrill Charity Team Building program is engagement.

Your people are given time to talk and share a meal with their guests.

This provides a space of interactive learning. Where people get to share stories, feel encouraged and grow in our understanding of community.The Customer Experience with different thinking resulting in different outcomes for charity team building activities

The THRILL team is looking forward to delivering exciting team building activities and events to reward and engage your people.

Having successfully facilitated 5,000+ corporate events with the top 500 companies, we are confident your team will benefit.

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We love answering your questions, chat recipes. Let’s think fresh nutritious high protein food from paddock to plate. Best team events for your staff, business or corporate group activities and ideas.