Team Building Strategy Parramatta bu Thrill team events facilitator Konrad Lippmann

Review of Thrill Team Event Evaluation with Strategic Feedback from Corporate Client CNH in Parramatta

Good morning CNH staff, thank you for your insight and team building activities evaluation feedback from last weeks Thrill event for employees interaction in Parramatta.

Reference / testimonial / words of your experience with

Thank you Thrill team for an enjoyable day out (at short notice too). We learnt a lot about ourselves and of each other whilst trying to figure out the clues. It allowed us to bond and identify our natural thinking processes and how we can leverage our differences to become a better team.

Any Suggestions or Improvements that could be made? It would have been nice to have something that involved the entire group (rather than broken up in teams). Some members felt the structure separated rather than joined us. Team Building Strategy Parramatta bu Thrill team events facilitator Konrad Lippmann

Thrill director Konrad Lippmann’s perspective.

That although teams were off in individual directions the team building #3 team sensation would have been the ideal choice – as it has more facilitated activities.

The discounted purchase of
#2 Mystery Mix is fun with a touch of team building achieved a brilliant result

Due to Thrill facilitators implementing greater integration by encouraging staff to liase with other teams.

Identifying what codes / letters and numbers each had collected

– and to share this knowledge to ensure the final outcome of success is achieved.

Thrill Suggests that the next CNH team building integrates more team and staff interactions

a/ MBTI personality profiling tools , that then integrates the team building with personality profile learnings.

b/ Invest more funds into the team building (rather than focus on discounting – look at value adding)
– more as team development;
– where the professional facilitator runs more activities over a greater time interval – suggested is 3-3.5hrs
– this way the facilitator can integrate their skills of developing the team and guide the experience working towards specified outcomes
– Thrill provided a discount based on developing future business, hence we look forward to working with you to create the next program or event

c/ For teams to stay together and achieve more by professional facilitation

my suggestion is both



Survivor Team Building Activities Strengthen your Staff in the best Locations

Looking forward to the next opportunity.