Connecting naturally and how this effects team building activities

Natural Team Building Development Escapes

What does team building feel like when the freedom of being a person is expressed? Recently I had the privilege of solitude, a man up a mountain for several days. Totally dependent on my own resourcefulness, no connection to the outside world, lost only in my own thoughts.

I felt rejuvenated, fresh, alive, connected and purposeful. Unworried of the worlds rush to destroy nature. I embraced thoughts without thinking of the outcomes. Recognised views hidden by busy-ness in the cloudiness of day to day being compelled to answer other peoples questions.

Not being judged and ‘just doing’ was exhilerating. Alas, realities come flooding back as i descended the mountain. But contained within, that resonance, is a piece of my life that I cherish.

It is the connection with the outdoors, it is the value of participation in activities and being active. Yes – I’m an activities man. Labelled by others and proud to be such a man.

I value natural spaces, places and the environment and want to protect these inspirational resources as they are not infinite and, yes they are severely diminished.

This snippet of video gives voice with Dr Nicole Anderson as to why we would want to connect with one of the largest undisturbed Gondwanan rainforests left in the world.

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