Group outdoor team building activities for business and corporate events by the Thrill team specialists in Sydney

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Thrill events is based in Sydney and Gold Coast Australia, providing exceptional group activities, entertainment, team building, team development and fun games for businesses, staff, employees and corporate groups.

Experience the ultimate FUN events for all groups in Australia, New Zealand and throughout America, especially in Canada then all the way to Europe.

THRILL team brings the energy and experience of 23 years of events planning. With impeccable delivery to make your people amazing!

Enjoy 6,000+ Team Events conducted by Thrill from Sydney to The Gold Coast and Brisbane, down through Melbourne and beyond

THRILL events conducts;

  • Amazing Races that are refined and brilliant for all people to participate.
  • Adventures of every kind from in the air on and through water to on land.
  • Events of the interactive kind.
  • Charity Team Building with Toys 4 Kids and Furniture 4 Families
  • Games of all Sorts including every sport
  • Group Activities tha are fun and inclusive focusing on 100% participation
  • Flash Mobs to tick off your bucket list for group events
  • Leadership Development utilsing MBTI or TMS personality profiling tools.
  • Team Bonding ensuring your staff and employees are motivated and rewarded.
  • Team Building Activities, Exercises and development of every kind.
  • Interactive Marketing Events to engage the public with your products and services.
  • Brand Awareness for Public and Private
  • Survivor Games to Outwit, Out-smart and Out Playing great reality games.
  • Creative ART and wild Painting to be expressive and impressive.
  • Treasure Hunts, Quests, Mission Impossible and Escapes Rooms into the Outdoors
  • Beach Activities in time for Summer.


Its time to motivate, educate and inspire your staff! It’s time to your team.

Call the Thrill specialists in Australia – Sydney – Brisbane 02 9630 2222