Helping Hands facilitated by Thrill is a powerful experience, empowering, motivational CSR team building process where your staff, employees, graduates and managers build real prosthetic hands for amputees. Implement a strategy that engages all your staff Australia wide to communicate effectively.  Helping hands corporate socially responsible team building helps children who have lost their hand

Help reach the target of 20,000 helping hands by 2020

Embrace a worthwhile cause where teams communicate, discuss and resolve issues related to teamwork by working on a common cause. Helping Hands is helping other real people to be more self sufficient and independent. Holcim Graduates building a set of Helping Hands after a first aid scenario involving amputated hands

Thrill facilitates exceptional csr team building activity conferences  uniting businesses employees and corporate staffLaFarge Holcim Graduates building Helping Hands with Thrill csr facilitators in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to support others

Building a set of prosthetic hands is beneficial to your staff, employees and managers. As well as being a meaningful, worthwhile activity that really makes a difference for others.

You get to witness the interactions, empathy and further development of bonds with work colleagues.enquiry button thrill team events

Each person has the opportunity to contribute in a purposeful activity that engages the mind, heart and brain.

We play a multi-media presentation and video that demonstrates the vision of helping hands. Why it is functional and how the training exercise links people together.

The goal of providing 20,000 prosthetic hands by end of 2020 has been set.

To achieve this goal, we require your support and more capable hands to get involved.

Please make the investment into socially responsible team building activities that benefit your business and people across the globe.


Tyro built 5, Holcim 4 – How many Prosthetic Helping Hands can your Business Team Build In Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

Thank you for TYRO teams great input into the Helping Hands project with your teams building another 5 prosthetic hands at the Grace Hotel, Sydney.Tyro Helping Hands CSR Team Building Activities in Sydney at The Grace Hotel

– they are now on their way to the recipients. The Green turtle teams hand that had a slight friction rub point in the plastic moulding which has been trimmed and works excellently.

Although we cannot track your specific hands all the way to the recipients. They will soon be thrilled to receive your gift. Please share some images on the types of people in their cultures that will receive your hands. Wishing you a terrific mid year and  looking forward to seeing Tyro on another Thrill CSR program!

Contact Konrad Lippmann, Thrill TMS facilitator or Michelle Chapman accredited MBTI to discuss your CSR Corporate Socially Responsible ideas and get started with genuine team building results.

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