Horse Team Building activities are a brilliant experience in learning more about yourself. The horses mirror you and your team in a non judgemental way.

Julie is an exceptional personal coach, horse trainer and team development facilitator. Who can assist you implementing your teams self development and leadership skills. Working on improving your emotional intelligence. Becoming more aware and authentic.

Horses help us understand that team building and leadership begins with who we are being


Julie is an Exemplary Horse Team Building Facilitator that opens up people

Amazingly and intuitively a horse can guide you in the processes of:

  • Self Development
  • Self Awareness
  • Consensual Leadership
  • Communicating with others in a much healthier way
  • Embodying Goals
  • Exercises with horses to human situations
  • Collaboration, cooperation, focus, experimentation
  • Unified Vision
  • Building Trust
  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Understand body language and levels of energy affects performance and relationship with others.


Allow yourself to receive what knowledge a horse holds

Each Horse has a gift, they can help you discover “how it feels to be grounded, authentic, open and soaring in the unlimited potential of creation. team building activities events enquiry form

Working with horses is completed safely in a team building activity environment of developing trust and respect.

Initially safely from the ground. This Horse team building and leadership activities exercise has been created for non-horse people looking for different ways to interact as well as experienced horse-people.

Speak with Konrad Lippmann to gain a more detailed perspective on how working with horses can be a powerful and rewarding team building or personal development experience. 02 9630 2222


More details

The idea is for individuals and teams to benefit from equine experiential learning. Implementing existing corporate activities and team building exercises as an optional activity.

Equine experiential learning activities are a leading-edge modality for developing human potential. No prior horse experience is required. We offer wellbeing and corporate team building workshops in co creation with horses and nature.

Through a series of activities, with and without horses, individuals can learn to find within themselves more awareness and being present. Participants can improve communication skills, focus and motivation. Further developing their emotional intelligence and self confidence which in turn enhances the potential for greater performance. More creativity in problem solving and positivity in team work skills.

Interactions with horses also reduces stress, pressure and help better respond to challenging circumstances.
Horse-facilitated activities can help you recognise the conditioning of our society and parenting so you can move beyond the coping strategies associated with surviving in a competitive world.

“Just Be-ing with these sentient beings provides a sense of peace, like deep meditation, allowing you to quiet your mind.  When you quiet your mind you stop thought; when you stop thought you stop resistance; when you stop resistance… you are in a state of allowing. Then clarity and inner guidance can flow, you enhance the ability to tune into your non-verbal intelligence and you move towards a better life in balance.” Julie