Thrill teams up with Accor group of venues including all hotelF1, Ibis, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure, MGallery, Sofitel, Business Travel, Meetings, Travelpros, Restaurants and Apartments & Villas. Give your staff a Thrill at Accor. Our partners collaborate and connect our services to deliver exceptional conference events for business and corporate staff groups.

27+ years experience building great teamwork. Giving you confidence in our ability to organise and facilitate meeting activities at over 50 Novotel, Mercure and Sofitel venues. Thrill team facilitators work closely with you to understand your professional business requirements. Guaranteeing a successful staff connection conference meeting outcome.

Novotel or Ibis Sydney to Manly Novotel and Hunter Valley Mercure Conference Meeting Activities 10% offer

Facilitating a great range of fun to serious staff connection activities. Ones that really get everyone activated. Staff engagement which can be run in all meeting and conference rooms. Here is a quick overview of what Thrill deliver at Accor Hotels. We help your people hit targets at Training sessions, boardroom meetings and Strategy Off Sites.  Novotel-Ibis-Darling-Habour-Team-Building activities for confrences and staff connection
Ask Thrill team events to provide 10$ off discount on your next ACCOR Hotel booking.

Thrill BUZZ SESSIONS for getting delegates fired up with pop quizzes, trivia and meeting games.

GO-GO NOVOTEL and IBIS Darling Harbour TEAMS! Imagine, Yoga mixed with boot camp and a touch of staff playing fun Games around the Accor conference venue to invigorate your bunch.

TRAIN the BRAIN indoor team building ideas to stimulate the cerebral organ to think and link to others in lateral ways. From initiatives, building bridges, project pipelines, escape treasure hunts and an array of novel activities.

AMAZING NOVOTEL SYDNEY RACES will accomplish a range of fun tasks around the conference venue with both indoor and outdoor team building activities.


    Business Team Meeting Activity Recommendations

    Review our recommendations depending on the objective of your meeting. Companies need a venue, conference room, unique space and amazing places to develop training sessions for employees, staff, co-workers and clients. In order to meet the goals of the training sessions and courses. We provide activities that allow participants the ability to put into action their learnings. Stimulating discussion whilst encouraging networking amongst colleagues.

    The success of training courses depends on interactions and connection with the course material. We are skilled at anticipating trainer’s logistical needs and bring participants to a better understanding. Setting up white boards, Flip Charts, Data Projectors, Multi-Media Presentations, Cyber Conferences, Telecommunications, Online connectivity, PA, Microphones and Audio Visual. Best of all our staff stay with your conference meeting to facilitate and direct the proceedings following your plan.

    Checklist Guidelines for all Accor Novotel Conferencing and Meetings

    Define the purpose of meeting. Review the Goals and Objectives to be achieved. Define the type of meeting such as Brain Storming, Interacting on a Work Issue, Present a new product, Give a Presentation to Colleagues or Clients.

    Who will attend and how many will be invited. estimate the realistic number that can make it. Do participants know each other. What are their expectations? Where is the best location for your meeting. Check parking facilities, access to transport, sports facilities, congestion, traffic, noise. Define your budget allocation based on priorities. If you want people to interact, it’s best to work with a company that ensures staff interactions.

    Timeline the agenda and share it. Lure and entice your target group into wanting to be there and share in the experience. A draw card is providing wonderful team building activities that achieve real results. Like Charity Team Building. Awesome for giving back, helping communities and aiding disadvantaged groups. The best result is that you get to know your clients and colleagues much better in a social relaxed environment where natural conversations integrate your staff. These can link directly to the theme or content that your meeting will address.

    Now Get your Content together. Share the load and delegate others to present on key topics. Ensure new content, methods and techniques are utilised. Instill some appropriate humour. If your skill set is not presentations and debating or toastmasters. Employ our staff to Thrill your team. They are meeting facilitators who can integrate your outcomes into a well balanced conference. Whilst you can focus on the finer salient points.

    Conference Meeting Room Set Up to Engage Staff

    We suggest choosing a U-shape setup. Where the trainer can be in the middle to encourage participation in discussion, eye contact and verbal interaction. Other configurations such as no tables in the meeting room are terrific to keep people actively thinking on their feet. Ideal for role playing and training exercises like scales of where people stand on an issue. When working in small groups, plan to use additional small meeting and break out rooms for employees to focus on task.

    Setting the pace of a training program is essential. In between the meetings and work sessions. A short break, particularly after lunch or a long presentation to allow participants stretch their legs and clear their minds is essential. Renewed energy levels and sharpen the concentration focus by providing healthy snacks, fruits and drinks that sustain nutrition.

    Ask us, as trainers and instructors for our list of specific requirements. That includes room setup, times of meals and breaks, equipment needed, audio visual setup, number of meeting rooms. We promote exceptional learning experiences.

    Book Accor Novotel Team Building Activities to Thrill Your Team

    Call our team of meeting facilitators and professional conference coordinators who happily custom build fun, engaging meeting activities.

    Or complete the Free team building activities quote.

    Thrill match Accor Novotel Hotels meeting rooms and surrounding outdoor spaces. From the sands and beach of The Manly Pacific Novotel or Brighton Le-Sands. To the classic Sydney CBD and Darling Harbour Novotels or out to Sydney Olympic Park, Pullman, Norwest, Parramatta Novotel and Hunter Valley Mercure.