BentSpoke Amazing Music Challenge

Congratulations BentSpoke people on entering your team on a Thrill Amazing Race. Your Spicks ‘n Specks audio music song n artist challenge!

Listen carefully to the following music file with Integrity – No Shazam or other techno gadgets / assistance.
spicks and specks team building amazing races music file

Write and hand in answers upon registration at next Amazing race Check Point

a/ Artist / Composer      &

b/ Song / Music Name

For each music track listen to the m4a file below.


Now re-check your blue Go-Go envelope and make your teams way to the next location within set time

Spicks n Specks

Music                 Song Name                               Singing ARTIST/s   + bonus pts for the Song Writers







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We commend all people who complete the Thrill activities and challenges to the best of their ability within their capability. Honestly and with integrity.

Avoiding using shazam and other apps to short circuit the BentSpoke Breweries music quiz.

Here we have included an audio spicks and specks group audio activity challenge online. That reflects a range of popular music and some quirky unusual ones.