Hunter-valley-team- Building activities. Staff Painting business values with Thrill events at Voco Kirkton Park

Hunter Valley Coal Staff Long Service Leads to Creative Team Building Success

Hunter Valley team building client Coal LSL experienced a very different and vibrant Thrill creative team building activity by painting their TORCH values. 9th February 2023 at voco Hunter Valley with Thrill team art facilitators Konrad Lippmann and Michelle Chapman. TORCH values lead the way

  • Trust
  • Open
  • Respect
  • Care
  • Honest

Incredible journey for staff to be taken in very different direction from traditional staff training. Impressed Coal LSL engaged with the art visualisation exercises. Exploring and expressing their creative interpretations.   hunter-valley-coal-team-building art painting team building activities at voco Hunter Valley by Thrill artists


21 painted canvases created

  • 1 vision represented by the 8 canvas montage ‘Tree growth’.
  • 8 Pieces to the work to aspiration puzzle
  • 5 TORCH images

Trust-Openness-Respect-Care-Honesty-TORCH values for business team building in 2023 at Hunter Valley voco Kirkton Park Ready to be displayed on the walls in the Coal LSL office!  with a fine reflection of the Watagans backdrop! Allow Thrill your Hunter Valley and Central Coast team building with unique tangible real results. Engaging your staff training to be imaginative, inspiring and connected to real values. Speak with Hunter Valley team events representatives to launch your next exciting conference staff interaction, activitation with creative art teamwork integration.  

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