Bondi Beach MLC Insignia Financial Team Building Activities with Thrill

MLC Insignia Financial engaged Thrill Bondi Beach team building activities to create their staff connection in Bondi for a remarkable Insignia Financial staff conference.

Hosted in the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club conference facilities. Enjoying the most spectacular views of Bondi Beach and the ocean breeze.

Uniting MLC staff focusing on their core staff values, principles and code.

  • Teamwork



“Insignia Financial’s Code of Conduct (Code) is the charter that we use to guide our professional interactions with each other. It shapes the expectations we have for our actions and for our behaviours and is underpinned by our principles, which are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Code of Conduct is an important statement about who we are as an organisation. The Code sets out the principles and standards of behaviour we expect of everyone at Insignia Financial – in everything we do, every day. It is inextricably linked to our purpose – understand me, look after me, secure my future. We can’t realise our purpose unless we adhere to the Code.

Within Insignia Financial, there are many businesses, individuals, roles and functions. This Code is our shared commitment to who we are as an organisation.”

The MLC staff teams are engaged with a special Bondi Treasures Treasure Hunt along the beaches and Campbell Parade, Bondi.

11 treasure hunt and scavenger hunt locations visited. Each with their unique staff team value. Connecting and building stronger relations. Improved communication, collaboration and problem solving!

Exciting fun, engaging, laughter filled team building activities.

That allows staff to experience, to explore to enjoy Bondi beach, playing, smiling and integrating.

Ultimately a real Team Bondi Treasure Chest will be revealed.

Insignia Financial demonstrate their code and teamwork to unlock the Bondi Beach treasures?



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