Monday Team Building Harmonise with Staff

Mondayitis Starting Staff Training Working Week Off On A Great Note

Monday team building staff training ideas for teams starting the week off on a great note to get the job done!

Develop fresh innovative content, thinking laterally, leading by example as well as mentoring and yes even inspiring coworkers and staff.

Embrace Mondayitis.

Play music, sing a song outloud, talk and discuss what a brilliant weekend it was and look to the future of more brilliant weekends.

Think vividly!

Thrill team building creative teamwork to accomplish more

My get going for the day is 20 minutes to 1hr of languages German, French and Italian.

I’m not great at these languages however with an App like Duo Lingo the learning is positively rewarding and allows my brain to ignite new team building ideas.

Getting to your destination is not the focus at this point. Monday is designed to effectively settle back into work life.

Sorting out the priorities and harmonise (creating harmony in the office) with your colleagues.

En-route to work re-imagine how a wonderful working week should look like.

I imagine my co-workers coming into the office (on time), with steaming fresh coffee or juice. Placing their gear into their desks and sharing (listening without interruption) a quick insight into their weekend accomplishments.

Followed by 30 minutes to get their act together. Thence into a Thrill business priorities meeting for 20 minutes to cover off what happened last week, who is doing what.

Identifying the upcoming team building programs, define the marketing strategy, work out the human resources and logistics.

Then play an office game with background music before splitting off into our sub groups or individually tackling the big business issues.

The rest of the week – it’s all getting the job we love, done.