Parramatta Amazing Race with KARI teams

Parramatta Team Building Amazing Race Activities for Kari

Congratulations KARI amazing racers. You have gotten this far! The activities continue. The first group of amazing races had a brilliant time in Parramatta. Brian Devries who got a bit tied up with the hand cuff challenge reported, “I can tell you the team and myself all had a great time. I know this Friday’s team will have a blast. I had an absolute ball and really enjoyed the event.”

Parramatta Amazing Race with KARI

KARI Amazing Race Challenges experience Parramatta CBD

Watch and listen to this video Vodafone Thrill Flash Mob – click on and follow this link!

Answer 3 Questions to be registered at next location

Thrill Flash Mob – Write on GoGo the 3rd Song and Artist that sings the song.

3rd Song Name: ___________________________________

3rd Song Artist: _______________    __________________

How does the song finish: “ _______________  _____________   __  __________________”.

Level 2, 79 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150

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More about the Kari team and its work

Established in 1999. KARI Aboriginal Resources Incorporated (KARI). An Aboriginal community service with a Head Office located in Liverpool part of Sydney’s South West. KARI extended its service operation to include Western Sydney also Central Sydney with offices located at Penrith and Rosebery. Please visit KARI Aboriginal Resources.

KARI an aboriginal resource group launch their Amazing Race through Parramatta. Teams compete in fun team cooperative challenges to succeed. will your staff be the next champions?

Posted by Thrill on Thursday, June 18, 2015