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Partnerships for Purpose Projects for Staff and Shareholders United to Make a Difference

Partnerships with THRILL Projects 4 Purpose Achieves

Thrill focuses on leading accessible technologies that creates reliable ongoing, long term sustainable positive impacts for staff,  employees, Australia families, students, children that your team, company or business can readily support.

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Aligning Business values and staff re-connection to community projects that have Purpose

We align with your staff culture to provide more fulfilling purposeful team activities that encourages personal awareness, connection and growth of staff and students within their careers. Where they can demonstrate care for others less fortunate, re-connecting with peers and work on community projects remotely.

Increase Employee Retention and Engagement

Meaningful CSR team building helps staff to be valued, engaged and results in increased work outputs with a greater emphasis on building a +ve work culture that is united. Increasing trust, loyalty, pride and confidence in the businesses we work in.

Leading an Illuminated Path Forward to Positive Low Cost Energy

That Can Impact Over 1 million people in Australia Living in energy poverty crisis.

One in four Australian households are finding it hard to pay their gas and electricity bills. As winter looms, energy price rises will make it even harder. Cold homes and disconnections resulting from energy poverty threaten people’s health and wellbeing.2 May 2023

One in four households struggle to pay power bills

https://www.rmit.edu.au › may › hidden-energy-poverty