Dance like nobody is watching!  Invest in THRILL events to create your very own Flash Mob for team building, staff, corporate events.  Thrill join forces with you to create and share your special moment with our 9+ years experience creating spectacular Flash Mob performance for all group sizes!

Choose Surprise or Waiter Flash Mobs or have the Thrill dancers entertain to boost and uplift events. Thrill the public or your exclusive group.

Great for birthday, conferences, engagements, wedding proposal, marriages or any celebration throughout Australia. On The Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Alice Springs and everywhere between.

Prefer to be entertained?  Thrill can provide 1 to 150 Flash Mob dancer performers, in all styles of dance, even with short notice.

Tips for Creating Brilliant Team Activity Flash Mobs That Thrill Sydney Employees and Public Crowds to Go Wow! Christmas Flash Mob Activities inspirational unique team events

Tip # 1 –  Call Mish at Thrill events: Ph: 02 9630 2222. She is our Master Flash Mob Choreographer and Dance Developer.

Tip # 2 – Choreography & Music. Developing your music track & choreography exclusively for your event or special occasion.

Thrill will secure the music rights, provide exceptional choreography, ensure safety and crowd control as well as meet all legal requirements for public performances.

Tip # 3 – Fine Tuning – ensuring all venues, licensing, logistics and music broadcast systems are in place

Tip # 4 – Teach & Rehearse – meet your team, demonstrate and then practice, practice, practice

Tip # 5 – Performance at your venue of choice (select either a Public or Private performance)

Options: Have your flash mob experience captured by our Videographers to share the experience.

What is Provided on a Thrilling Fun Christmas Flash Mob Dance Event – Everything to achieve Success and have Awesome Impressive Fun team building activities enquiry link

Thrill has the relevant knowledge, experience, mobile equipment and professionalism to deliver and capture your Amazing Event.

All legal requirements, equipment and management of authorities including:

  • Australasian Performing Right Association APRA
  • Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society AMCOS
  • Phonographic Performance Company of Australia PPAC
  • Council / Venue Permit/s
  • Risk Management
  • Public Management
  • Liability
  • Insurances
  • Music
  • Track Selections
  • Mash Ups – professional re-mixing of dance and music tracks
  • Professional Sound Systems set up to integrate into the flash mob scene
  • Flash Mob Event Coordinators
  • Professional Choreographer with Flash Mob experience
  • Abilities to engage and teach large groups from 20-200+
  • Quality Dancers, Performers, Instructors and Teachers
  • EXTRAS can be included
    – Videography, Event Photography, Viral social media Marketing, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…..

Duration of a Flash Mob Team building activities and corporate events quote

From our experience, the suggested duration is 3-7 minutes of dance routine with multi levels. For a Flash Mob where THRILL instructs, teaches and choreographs your teams.

We suggest a Minimum of 2.5 hours, with 4hrs including breaks and performance is to be ideal. 1st we perform the dance routine to enthrall, entertain and capture the attention of your guests. Then we break into rehearsals with multiple layers of performance and 1 collective routine for all. Another practice session to fine tune the steps, timing and space.

Then your Flash Mob performance can be captured via video and if cool, streamed to social media in real time! Corporate Teams can prepare by receiving their dance choreography via Online Conferencing, Video Clips, Skype, Email or online download via You Tube or Vimeo.

Your staff, colleagues and managers can then practice their Flash Mob dance moves remotely and in private! Once teams arrive at their conference or Gala Night the buzz will be exciting and unite all the guests. Thrill hosts the evening combining all Choreographed elements at the conference, AGM, off site or other group gathering.

Call Mish 02 9630 2222 to discuss your next Exciting Flash Mob entertainment or learn and perform your very own Flashmob in any location and city Australia wide.