Team Building Spam using Chat GPT to promote Thrill team events and MBTI

At Thrill we love #teambuilding #spam and #chatGPT. “I found your business, THRILL Team Building and Staff Training, newsworthy because of your 50 exciting team events to connect staff”. We do not spam others, as we feel that Chat GPT can be put to better use. Below is an excerpt of the team building activities ChatGPT spam that we thought was a reasonably great attempt to summarise our Thrill’s experience in business services.
“Our research team shared your details with me, and I’m a media researcher with a ‘pay on results’ PR firm.
Thrill team events inter-active experiences for business, conferences, and corporate groups to engage and bond are impressive. I noticed that your business is in the team building industry.


Based on your website content, I think you’d be interested in the industry trend of using MBTI personality profiling for team leadership.
Would you be interested in sharing a media request with you on this topic?
Additionally, I have other team building activities requests that could be an even better fit for your business.
Would you be open to discussing them? Yes we are.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
P.S. I wanted to give you advance notice that there won’t be any upfront costs for you to think about. I’ve included a workmate of mine, so please remember to hit ‘reply all’ when you get back to us. It’ll keep us in sync throughout the process.”
We would love to understand your #teambuilding needs and address the best way forward for exceptional staff connection moving into 2024. Lets avoid the GPT and have a real CHAT – Konrad Lippmann Thrill CEO m 0459 1111 29