innovation team building think tank

THINK TANK on Innovation Team Building

Thrill launches into Innovation Week by providing more facilitated and guided think tank sessions for corporate team building, bonding and development. Opening up a forum for sharing new ideas, systems, techniques, skills, technology trends and amazing products.


Its time to demonstrate the people side of business. Communication and commitment to innovation. We look forward to driving staff engagement opportunities and enhancing the steadying foundations for an innovative business team culture.

innovation team building think tank

Invite Thrill key team development facilitators to open up the discussion and dialogue for innovation.


Setting the stage, changing the pace and space to provide a new platform for your staff, employees, directors, managers, sales agents and admin team to communicate in an open forum, free of judgement.


Brainstorming flowing and forming new ideas to express the future. Harness technologies, share their learnings or experiences to move forward together.


We are excited about the refreshing ways in which we change the behaviours of people to alter the ways they congregate in meetings to be more accountable, present, mindful, and elect to share in meaningful processes.


Be more effective and efficient. Able to better understand and communicate, elicit and share ideas.


Reach out and begin the process of change.