Fit Bit Corporate Challenge Activities

The Fit Bit Games for Fun Team Building Activities are here in Sydney fit-bit-corporate-games

Thrill will custom build your corporate team training Fit Bit challenge or Corporate Games and Sports day that is fun, active and healthy.

One that makes people want to play and be rewarded by improving their heart and mind. Bit by Fit Bit!

Whilst at work and at play.

A series of fun motivational games has your Fit bit challengers exploding with laughter. We love making exercise child’s play. Matched up with a terrific Mini Olympics games, relays or sports as we prepare your fit bit staff for Rio! We have experienced a fantastic increase in corporate health. With the advent of technology we can couple this with rewarding team building activities. At Thrill we love designing healthy activities to participate in.

Bounce step, touch, jog and agility are just part of the warm up routine that gets the heart rate higher. Burning off the calories and improving self confidence. The unique aspect of a corporate Fit Bit Challenge is that we include team work. The Thrill Warrior Obstacle Course is the ideal complimentary program. Finding your teams fit for unique fitness activities is easy with a Thrill trainer, coach at the helm. Motivating and guiding your teams through a series of activities designed to get everybody involved. Fit bit team competitions Sydney

Benefits that are Improved:

  • Motivation – stay motivated whilst at work. Your employees and staff will have new found energy to accomplish tasks and stay focused
  • Improve health – we can make suggestion on nutrition, diets and foods. Even creating a Master Chef Cook Off fun competition with healthy foods.
  • Track activity levels and share this amongst colleagues at work to create goal setting
  • Improvement of mind by engaging in exercise that tones and strengthens the body
  • Less days off work due to sickness and ill health
  • Lose the excess weight and sleep more soundly.