Bushfire recoevry team building projects that help farmers, families and native wildlife animals and their habitats

Covid Safe Bushfire Relief Team Building Projects That Your Business Staff Can Get Involved and Help

Thrill links businesses and corporations with Covid Safe bushfire recovery projects that will assist and deliver the items made and or the direct and facilitate. Planting of seedlings and trees or supporting families, farms, native animals and community projects that help in the recovery from bushfire impacts. “GET YOUR TEAM BUILDING BUSHFIRE RECOVERY and RELIEF PROJECTS”!

By now all of Australian people, businesses and communities would be aware of the severe impact that the intense and unprecedented fires have had on our country. We can’t change the past, but we can be better prepared for the future. As well as start a recovery process, utlising covid safe physical distancing and healthy hygiene practices.

From our perspective, we live in a country that is susceptible and needs Fire prevention, Fire Maintenance, Fire Proofing and Fire Response Plans to protect people, property and our decimated wildlife.

Bushfire relief and recovery programs for corporate groups looking to support bushfire victims

Here is Thrill’s top 10 suggestions for business and corporate groups looking to invest in bushfire recovery help. Assisting with genuine care for what has happened by the devastating bushfires throughout NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Each of these programs has been carefully considered and designed. The Thrill Bushfire Recovery Help TBFH activities are not volunteering programs. They are designed to bring awareness, donations and financial help in the form of human labour or building specific items that can make a difference. We all want to help. However patience and appropriate training, skills as well as safety issues can hamper the best intended efforts.

What we are confident in is that the following 8 bush-fire relief programs that your business team can get involved in. Will be beneficial and send a message of hope, support and be contributing in real positive ways to those that have been through fire trauma.

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Koala-Habitat-Team-Building-Bushfire victims die
  1. Native Habitat Restoration for Koalas and other less iconic Australian native animals. 1 Billion + native animals dead. That’s a shocking number. If this does not get Australian’s awakened to the facts that we are not protecting endangered and rare unique Australian animals. Then the place you get to know about them will be zoos and museums. From wallabies to the platypus to echidnas and antechinus. To our favourite marsupial quolls and glossy black cockatoos. Your team can help plant trees, grow native foods and plants. Regenerate gardens, roof tops and support safe wild life areas.
  2. Nesting Box Building provide Australian native animals a safe home. Conservative estimates are 1 Billion animals were decimated by fires. The nesting boxs you build with Thrill team builders are attached to the remaining trees. Providing sugar gliders, micro bats, parrots, possums… all creatures great and small! A home shelter off the ground and out of reach from predators.
  3. Furniture For Bushfire affected Families; together we can build furniture to help families that have lost their homes and or furniture in the bushfires. This can be directly facilitated in Bushfire affected regions or at your meeting, conference or offices and transported to sites.
  4. Corporate City Friends Famine or Fight to Help Farmers. Bushfire affected farm areas are strugglin. It’s even tougher for the recovering farmers to coordinate volunteers. Then train them into skilled labourers. This is where Thrill utilises our hands on professional event management skills in the coordination and team project leading. Training basic farm skills from fencing to paddock clearing, to get your staff working towards excellent mutually beneficial outcomes.
  5. Genuine Skills in bushfire recovery projects; If your team, company or group has genuine labour skills that can help those that suffered the fire crisis. Most needed is: Building sheds, repairing fences, landscaping. Animal husbandry, concreting, excavations, dam building and dam restocking. Land clearing, clean ups, demolition, house renovations, building playgrounds, removal of rubbish…. Please immediately communicate and collaborate with Thrill team events to discuss a bushfire relief project and coordinate a business proposal. We have contact with bushfire affected farms and families in Bilpin to Bell in the Blue Mountains and around Kangaroo Valley to Nowra on the Shoalhaven River. Thrill can organise your teams regional accommodation, meals and transport to bushfire devastated regional towns. Whilst you work alongside the farmers repairing their farms, property and reinvigorating lives. You get to hear and share their stories. We have a Farm in Moruya (home of the Sydney Harbour Bridge rock pylons) that needs urgent assistance.
  6. Bring your Empty Esky Excursions, meetings, off-sites and conferences to be held in bushfire affected towns. “The Empty Esky campaign is hoping to aid in the recovery of local tourism industries and small businesses, many of which depend on the usual influx of summer tourists, by encouraging Australians to pledge a visit to a bushfire affected town in 2020. With an empty esky in tow. Created by Melbourne friends Erin Boutros, Eleanor Baillieu and Elise Mason. The campaign launched on Instagram and gained over 10,000 followers in under 24-hours, with social media users sharing their plans to travel locally this year. Travel destinations include those on the South Coast of NSW, which was declared ‘open for business’ by the NSW RFS on January 11. “Australia, we are all so devastated by the disastrous amount of damage caused by the 2020 bushfires,” the campaign wrote in its first post on January 6.” SBS reporting.
  7. Financial Donations – yes easy as that! Funnel some cash and funds into bushfire appeals that get direct to the people that need the assistance. Your business may even receive a tax break! It’s getting closer to End Of Financial Year and its time for accountants and financial institutions to weigh up the costs and benefits of making contributions to worthy causes.
  8. Gifting Gifts; Does your business have machinery or any items to donate and or gift. You may have found that you have gotten to the end of your machinery lease. Don’t throw it away! Gift your machinery and or goods to Bushfire relief. If it’s time to purchase a new excavator, skid steer, concrete mixer, vehicle or tractor. Make that item the donation. Take advantage of the generous small business tax breaks. Thrill events, encourage your business to gift your old one and give it a new lease on life.