Thrill professional Events coordinators and team building activities staff flex their muscles in Sydney's corporate training and conference events job market

Transformation of Conferences and Events into 100% Engaging Team Learning from 25 years Experience

Thrill was borne from the concept of providing 100% engaging, exceptional team events to companies, businesses and corporate groups in 1995. This year we celebrate the success of running a small business that helps larger businesses and corporations staff with 25 years of customer service in:

  • event creation
  • event planning
  • event management
  • professional conference organisation PCO
  • living a work life balance that helps others
  • staff motivation
  • employee engagement
  • creating understanding with exciting teamwork and team building activities that bond people in their work places
Team Building Activities that are about 100% employee engagement

Event planning

Can be simple. Create an event, usually by focusing on what is to be achieved. Describe the itinerary, activities, format and timings. Get approvals and funding. Or more complex, when you don’t have everyone in your business on board. Or something like the Corona Virus hits.

Staff motivation

Businesses and corporations greatest challenge. Once the domain of the Human Resources team or the Learning and Development Team this aspect is now often outsourced to trained and trusted professionals. Thrill Team Events is one of those companies that corporate groups turn to for specialist advice. With staff training programs like MBTI (Myers Briggs tests) that are coupled with proven experiential learning activities. Facilitating learning that focuses on behavioural change.

Employee engagement

Thrill loves to engage employees as close to 100% as we can manage. How? It’s a 2 way process. Providing the right facilitators that are intelligent, down to earth, positive, confident and lead by example. Our job is to win employees over with excellent content. The activities have to be well delivered in a timely and appropriate adjustments made to suit the group. No easy feat!!! But, as with all performers there is knack of reading the audience. Making subtle changes that allow for participation of all abilities. Encouragement, safety, a bit of humour, direction setting and insight. With Thrill support learning through practice takes place.

Thrill awards a great opportunity for your business to engage event planning and corporate team building professionals

Creating understanding with exciting teamwork and team building activities that bond people in their work places

Reviewing the experiences of 6,500 team building activities and team events with over 225,000 employees and staff provides the big data and analytical insights. Sharing and acting upon incorporating those insights into the structure of Thrill team building program, conference or event is called wisdom and experience. To this day we have not given up.

Thrill has been guided through significant changes, crises, business entrepreneurship by a business leader as well as challenging the industry to consistently improve. We have put in the hard work and have not stopped for 25 years.

A belief and enjoyment in creating understanding between staff, managers, CEO’s, sales teams, research and development, marketing, staff and employees at all levels, want to engage.”
Konrad Lippmann CEO