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Environmental Team Building Activity Helps make a Positive Difference Post the Australian Bushfires

Utilise your employees team building activities, staff training, charity time and teamwork to benefit local communities and support the growth of endangered environments sustainably.

Post the Bushfires, Thrill team building staff are working consistently to develop and improve quality team development programs. Making a unique, positive and appropriate contribution to repairing our Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Central Coast and Gold Coast Wildlife corridors.


Over 5 million hectares burnt

Over 1 million native Australian Animals decimated and killed

The Koala is symbolic however from these most recent fires other vulnerable species and animals that were already endangered in specific habits are now extinct.

What can Businesses, Teams, Staff, Employees, Corporations and Companies do to help with Bushfire Relief?

  1. Give generously to organisations such as Wires that provide immediate care for injured wildlife
  2. Donate to wildlife organisations that lobby governments, afford protection and conduct studies that help native animals
  3. Create and ensure native natural habitats that are remaining are rehabilitated post the bushfires and remain protected
  4. Sign up with a Thrill Bushfire Recovery Corporate Friends for Wildlife Regeneration program
  5. More details on programs where your team building activities and bushfire relief corporate event can make a difference
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From helping re-establish Koala habitats, stopping erosion, feral species and weed invasion, re-planting and fresh plantings of Australian Native plants. Repairing fences, removing rubbish, supplying and refreshing native animal water and feed stations. Building and positioning nesting boxs, hollows and helping wildlife refuges.

Select from four environmental campaign programs that Thrill team events works with to make a difference. Land Care projects in Sydney and across NSW Coast Care projects along the beaches in Sydney, North to the Gold Coast and along the South Coast.

With the significant economic impact each business event has on its host community, Australian businesses. The events industry can make a difference to the bushfire recovery effort. Through their choices and their actions. As part of the National Bushfire Recovery Fund. Event decision-makers. Choose Australia as the destination. Especially in Bushfire affected town. Lets have the entire events community spread the message far and wide: in 2020, Event Here This Year.” adapted Source SPICE Feb 2020